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You’re an EX for a Reason!

By Bren @Virtual_Bren

Earlier this week, I was stalked down on Facebook but an EX of about 20 years ago. I see this message in my Other box asking if my maiden name was such-n-such. As soon as I saw the message, I was like WTF? Seriously? I found it kind of ironic because:

  • My current marital situation
  • My hubs and were were talking about getting our concealed carry permits and part of that is placing an ad in the newspaper. If anyone seems it “unfit” for you to legally be able to carry a gun, they contact this number. So I told my hubs, “Ut oh! I have a lot of ex’s in Delaware that might think I’m crazy and call in!”

So much for irony right?


Why does an EX spouse or boyfriend recontact you? Now in this current situation, the relationship did not end well. I broke it off with him and moved merrily on my way. He was upset about the whole thing so WHY contact me after all these years?


So I was cordial and confirmed yes it was me. He asked if I remembered him. Of course! I remember all my ex’s who I kicked to the curb cause all ya’ll are dysfunctional in some way or another!

He continued sending a few more messages, which I as kind enough to answer but they were short answers. He proceed to elaborate that he was divorced for the 2nd time and added four (4) more chilldren to the one (1) he had when we were together (which for the record, she was obnoxious so I can only imagine what these four (4) are like!). Then I ignored and used the best feature on Facebook, BLOCK!



The Lowdown

Now I can only speak for myself but in my 45 years on this earth, I still consistently stick to “The Best Ex is a Dead Ex!” As horrid as that sounds, I don’t actually mean death, well not for all of them…..maybe a few, but You’re An Ex for a Reason!

Whether they broke it off and I broke it off, no matter! It wasn’t right then and it won’t be right now! And by the way, I’m married with a pit bull so back the F off! 


Final Analysis

After this recent contact, I went through on Facebook and BLOCKED all my ex’s that I could find on there. Really wasn’t too many, four or five at the most. Amazingly enough, I don’t know why I dated any of them, unless my choice in men has changed over the years. CAN YOU SAY…… EWWWWWWW!! 

I concluded that BLOCKING episode with trying to figure out why Ex’s contact Ex’s?

Is it a comfort thing?

Is it a trip down memory lane and they just want to see how you are?

Are they trying to hook up again?


So if you are an EX of mine and are reading this, please take this as fair warning.


Now bugger off!

Now I turn it over to you? Have you be contacted by an Ex spouse or boyfriend and how did you handle it? Or were you the Ex that stalked out a previous lover? Let’s dish girlies!

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