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"You Make The Rockin' World Go Round"

By Sarahhhp @SarahhhP
Hello! And welcome to my new blog "Ample Curvature". I'm Sarah - a 24 year old Law graduate with a penchant for the odd designer label, a sweet tooth and an obsession with everything floral.

I've wanted to start a fashion/lifestyle blog for a long time now, however, I've always managed to find one excuse or another not to. What I realised recently though was that the main reason I hadn't done so already was because I had wanted to "lose weight" before getting started.
Along with this realisation, it dawned on me what a poor excuse my weight alone was for not giving it a go. I am a size 14-16, my weight at the moment fluctuates between 12 and 13.5st and at my heaviest (and probably unhappiest) I actually weighed almost 15st. For as far back as I can remember, I have had serious body confidence issues - these have stopped me from getting as stuck in as I'd have liked where certain activities are concerned and have also helped to ruin the relationships I've had.
So in response to this, I have made the decision that it is high time I tried harder to throw caution to the wind and stopped holding back so much. In writing this first post I hope to be able to convince a few more of the "chunkier" women out there, who have experienced feelings similar to myself that there is nothing wrong with having a bit of junk in the old trunk.
It's strange how easy I find it to appreciate 'the fuller figure' where women other than myself are concerned; two of my favorite celeb girl crushes being Christina Hendricks and Nigella Lawson. These women aren't size zero, stick thin or model-esque - they're reflections of what 'real' women look like and the reason men and women alike find them so attractive isn't just because they are beautiful but because they ooze confidence.

The whole purpose of this blog therefore, is to try and show people that no matter what size you are, you can still look and feel fantastic. It is simply how you act and the way you choose to view yourself that determines whether or not you are able to pull it off.
In my next post I plan to share a little bit more with you all about me - how I like to dress, my interests etc... I want to share all my loves, hates, highs and lows on here and I hope that some of you will join me along the way :)
Until then though - who are some of the other curvy ladies out there that you all aspire too?

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