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You. Lost And Lonely. You. Strange As Angels.

By Jr @TheWrongGirl_
You. Lost And Lonely. You. Strange As Angels.I just got mail from a certain someone, telling me to post "less girlie crap" and "write more Wrong Girl".  I don't know whether to be insulted or take it as a compliment.  I'll take advantage of my prerogative and go with the latter.  I know my ramblings here a mixed bag of coconuts and stray cats, but it's indicative of my life.  Sometimes, in between being a rock star(in my head and in front of the mirror), with an emo streak and a thirst for culture, I like to girl it up a bit.
Maybe to keep things simple I should categorise weekly posts, with each day having it's own topic.  Like Make Up Monday, or Tuesday Tunes? What's The Story, Wednesdays?
I don't know if I could keep that up.  I'm not really one for sticking to routines and rules, but if it would make it easier to navigate and sift through my blog junk, then I'll give it a go.
Here's a tune for your Tuesday:

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