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You Don't Need Ears to Cook - Chef Kurt

By Misslara16 @misslara
You don't need ears to cook - Chef Kurt
I am sorry I have been off the Grid for a long time... lets just say, I wrote finals , moved to back to Nigeria  and started Bar School all in two months!!! Excuses I know...! Forgive me, I promise I am back.
I didn't just want to show up nothing in hand, so I decided to share the story of this guy named Chef Kurt, an Irish chef who was featured on chopped recently. ( Chopped is cooking show on food network)
 'You don't need ears to cook' these were his words in his opening interview when he was asked about his culinary journey. I was very inspired by this guy because he could have decided to spend his life servicing his weakness but rather he chose to work on his strengths and today he is an amazing chef and some kind of a TV star doing what he loves, getting media attention and in the process being a living example that your weaknesses do not matter.
For everyone reading this, your weakness do not matter, focus on what makes you strong not what makes you weak. Give your attention and devotion to things that make you a better person, things that make you special and different and stop whining/dwelling on your weaknesses. Really people, 'You don't need ears to cook'
You don't need ears to cook - Chef Kurt
You don't need ears to cook - Chef Kurt
You don't need ears to cook - Chef Kurt

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