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You Could Be Getting a Better Night’s Sleep with These 5 Sleeping Aids

By Bren @Virtual_Bren

You Could Be Getting a Better Nights Sleep with These 5 Sleep Aids

We all know that getting enough sleep is important for our health, but actually managing to nod off each night can be a challenge. If you struggle to get enough shuteye, it’s worth checking out the following five sleeping aids.

1) The perfect bed

If you’ve been putting up with a creaking, uncomfortable bed, now could be the time to make a change. These pieces of furniture can play a major role in how much rest we get. Your bed should be solid and it should also be sizeable enough for you to stretch out in. If you find it difficult to achieve the perfect sleeping position, an adjustable design could be ideal and, for the ultimate in comfort, you can opt for a bed that features massage functions. For example, the adjustable beds from Adjustamatic have massage systems that can help to soothe you to sleep.

Don’t neglect your mattress either. Ideally, this should be firm enough to support the weight of your buttocks and shoulders while keeping your spine straight.

2) White noise machine

Are noisy neighbours, screeching TV sets or deafening dogs keeping you awake at night? If so, the solution to your sleeping woes could be a white noise machine. These devices create a continual ambient sound in your bedroom that helps to mask noises from outside. You might have to experiment with the volume and type of sound you use before you find something that suits, but it could be a big help once you’ve identified the perfect setting.

3) Anti-snoring devices

If snoring is stopping you from getting enough sleep, or it’s driving your partner potty, check out the range of products available to stop this problem. If your snoring mainly comes from your nose, nasal dilators or strips may work. On the other hand, if the sound comes from your mouth, you might need chin strips or a vestibular shield, which is a plastic device that resembles a gum shield.

4) Relaxing pillow spray

Certain scents have long been used to help lull people to sleep, and lavender can be particularly effective. Highlighting its power to help people rest, a study conducted by a team from the University of the West of England found that lavender oil was more effective than a placebo almond oil at enabling insomniacs to sleep. The participants who had lavender oil sprinkled on their bedclothes got to sleep more easily and reported a better quality of shuteye than the people who got almond oil. A quick and easy way to harness the sleep-inducing powers of lavender yourself is to purchase a pillow spray in this relaxing scent.

5) Herbal teas

Sipping an herbal tea before you hit the hay might also help you nod off. Ideally, you should drink these beverages at least half an hour before bedtime so that they have time to take effect. Popular options include chamomile and valerian teas.

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