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You Can’t Answer a Question That You Don’t Understand

Posted on the 25 February 2016 by Calvinthedog

That’s the basic problem with democracy.

In democracy, people are always being asked to answer questions that they don’t even understand! The elites and media know the most people don’t understand even the questions much less the answers, so they hope to clear things up for you by lying to you to get you to go along with whatever projects du jour the elites, the rich, the capitalists or the Deep State are pushing.

That’s what the media is for. Whenever you tune into the media, either via newspaper, newsmagazine, TV news or radio news, the media seems like this little man popping up to help you like Clippy in Word, “Hi, can I help you understand this complex issue?” Media Clippy seems to be asking. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Explain it to me!” My brain is almost screaming at Clippy now. Clippy says, “No problem, just check out this Jewy news source and it will tell you everything you need to know about the issue, including which side you should take on this issue – right, wrong, indifferent or any of the endless positions anyone might take about any issue.

Problem is instead of laying it all out for me, Clippy usually just tells me a bunch of lies intended to promote whatever viewpoint Clippy is trying to brainwash me into believing. I don’t care if Clippy is pushing some position on me. Everyone’s pushing a position, yours truly especially.

I just object being lied to. Why? Because it’s so hard to figure out when you are being lied to. Some of you might notice that I am pretty adept at telling the lies from the truth in MSM coverage in this, that or whatever. Ok. But do you realize how much time I had to spend to figure out that these shits were lying to me and exactly how and why they were lying to me and what the truth of the situation really was?

It took me a lot of time. I had to go digging around “alternative news sources” (only found on the web for the most part) until I figured out how to put all the pieces of the Bullshit Crossword Puzzle together. I have a lot of time on my hands. If I work 10 hours a week, that’s pretty good (not counting blogging, but you reader-pikers hardly pay for me for this, so this barely counts as work). So I have nothing but time.

Plus I have become very educated about how these idiots have been lying to me. It took me years, nay decades, to finally start to put all of that together. I am still putting their bullshit together to this very day. I assume I won’t be done when I kick off.

I also happen to have a genius IQ, which means if you take 1,000 people, I am smarter than 999 of them. Most people don’t have those kind of advantages, nor do they wish they had them. Most have better things to do than to figure out how the media is lying to them, and most people don’t care that they are being lied to or deny it in the first place.

In our complex modern society, issues become increasingly complicated with advances in technology, media, etc. It’s always been hard to figure out the issues of the day, but now it’s probably a lot harder than it used to be.

An increasingly technological and complex society is likely to produce increasingly complex and technical problems that are likely beyond the ability of your average person to even begin to grasp. Yet democracy demands that people who can’t even figure out the damned question, much less even guess at an answer, are supposed to make decisions based on these questions. People are demanded to answer questions that they don’t even understand! That’s popular rule, so-called. Isn’t it groovy?

I really do not know what to do about this problem and I am not opposed to democracy. What we need are increasingly loud alternative media to correct the media lies and get people to figure out what’s really going on.

They did it in Venezuela. Venezuelans are much less intelligent than Americans, and the media brainwash is 10X as bad as it is in the US. However, for many years now, Venezuelans hardly believe one thing that they hear on the MSM that envelop them all day, every day.

Almost all newspapers are run by the opposition. The lies start on page 1, finish on the last page, and then you’re done reading the paper.

You turn on the TV. 75% of stations are opposition stations which pretty much just tell nothing but lies or distortions. Yet despite this Big Brother type Wall of Brainwash, Venezuelans seem immune to it.

The reason is that Chavismo is powerful media institution in and of itself. Chavismo has infiltrated itself down to the lowest levels of society, and the Chavista organizations to a huge amount of media work at the local level. Their job is to tell the people the truth about most important issues in the country. And they have done a very good job of that. If you break down complex issues into bite-sized chunks, even an 87 IQ population can more or less figure out what’s going on. But most societies do not have such a huge grassroots media campaign at the local level that is necessary for such mass education. So the Media Lies carry the day.

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