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You Can Never Be Too Rich Or…

By Brisdon @shutuprun

I am not proud of it, but I committed a sin today. I went to the gym deodorant-less.  It wasn’t intentional, I’m not that mean. I simply forgot. Is it just me, or are you unaffected by your own stench? My own bad smell doesn’t bug me. Not even the brussel sprout farts. But, in all due respect to my gym mates, deodorant is a must. That guy beside me the other day who smelled like rotten onions mixed mixed with dirt needs to read this post.

So, I did a few miles on the treadmill (it was 10 degrees outside and I was feeling pussyish)– not sure how many or how fast because I had to pause it in the middle to make a run for the bathroom, and the pause only lasts 30 seconds (damn cheap gym equipment). Even for me that is not long enough to take care of things. I think it should be the law that every treadmill pauses for at least 4-5 minutes to give us ample time to drop off kids at the pool or whatever it is we need to do.

The miles (5 or 6 of them?) were good, but my lower back’s been bugging me. Causes? Who knows – Google says I’m probably leaning from my waist not my ankles while I run and that I don’t have enough core strength to keep my pelvis stable. Either that or it’s my huge boobs and the fact that I’m pregnant with quintuplets.

You Can Never Be Too Rich Or…

This is not me, but it would explain a lot

So, reluctantly I’ve been doing more core work from HERE and HERE. I better not be doing this for nothing. I always thought I had a strong core, but you know the saying, “You can never be too rich or have too strong of a core.” I think it’s funny (actually terribly annoying) that all I want to do is run, but then I have to do all this other stuff just to be able to run and to not die or be in pain.

Speaking of brussel sprouts, I came home and made a batch of one of my favorite things (roasted root vegetables). Hello afternoon gas!:


Baby carrots, brussel sprouts, baking potato, sweet potato, butternut squash 
tossed with olive oil, thyme and salt. 450 for 30 minutes.

I love eating these alone or putting them on a salad with spinach, kale, roasted turkey and blue cheese with a little Annie’s dressing (Goddess!). I will throw anything in a salad including Mike and Ikes and white chocolate chips.

Then I stuffed a 5 lb. chicken into the crockpot. Did you know you can do that? Just wash it off to remove any fecal matter, stuff your hand up the bird to get the giblets and throw them away, dry off the chicken, rub it in salt and poultry seasoning or whatever you want, put some chunks of onion and carrots at the bottom of the cooker, toss in the bird. Cook for about 10 hours. Now I am mother of the year.


So there is your dinner idea for tomorrow, since it’s too late to do today unless you eat at 2 a.m.

Ever had back pain while running? What did you do about it? I’ve tried a chiropractor and ART, none of which has helped.

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