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YoMovies 2020 : Get **HD Bollywood Movies Download Info**

Posted on the 31 January 2020 by Haricharanpudipeddi @pudiharicharan

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Yomovies Download Movie Info [ EXCLUSIVE ]


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Intro to YoMovies- Latest Hollywood, Bollywood & Regional Language Movie Free Download

YoMovies 2020 : Get **HD Bollywood Movies Download Info**

In this post, we are going to talks about YoMovies, where you can easily download Hollywood, Bollywood, and regional language movies for free in 2020.

YoMovies is an 11-year-old site that provides free entertainment to millions of users. It is a trending movie platform that gives you easy access to the best entertainment you can ever get. The best part is, it is completely free of charge.

YoMovies is a pirated movie site where you can download TV series too. As this is a pirated site, it keeps changing its domain name from time to time. Therefore, if you find new extensions of this site from time to time, don't be surprised. The latest domain name of the website in 2020 is YoMovies.to.

YoMovies is a site that is operated from the United States, and its operation stretches across India. When you open the website, you will see a friendly user interface. Here the movies are conveniently divided into genres. You will not have trouble finding your choice of Hollywood, Bollywood, action, drama, romantic, horror, thriller, and a plethora of other types of movies at all.

A specialty of YoMovies is that this site uploads a movie just within a few days after the release. So, if you want to enjoy the latest Hollywood, Bollywood, and other movies, then this is the free movie website you should be looking at. It is the fastest and the best in terms of its server speed.

Downloading movies on this site is a breeze. With just a few clicks, you can easily download a movie on your computer. Apart from the popular genres of trending Hollywood and Bollywood movies, you can download films of regional languages for free too. Just tap on the Extramovies option on the headers, and you can see the regional language movie genres there. Under this section, you can download free Bengali, Malayalam, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Kannada, Marathi, Pakistani, Tamil, and Telegu films.

However, you must keep in mind that YoMovies is not a legal site and does piracy to bring to you the best of movies in the shortest time span for free.

YoMovies and Its Features

Before you start downloading free movies from the YoMovies website, it is better to know some of the features of this movie downloading site:

  • On YoMovies you can watch movies and TV series online
  • Here you can also download the movies on your device for watching later
  • YoMovies uploads the latest movies within a few days of release absolutely for free
  • There are categorizations based on genres, year of release, and languages
  • The website features a super friendly interface, which makes it a breeze to navigate through it
  • There are fewer ads on YoMovies as compared to other free movie download sites
  • This website has a superfast server, which reduces the buffering time
  • On this site, you can find dubbed Hollywood movies for free
  • You can download movies and TV series in HD quality. You can also stream them in SD if you want to save up data
  • There is a short description of each movie on this website. It lets you know the gist of a film before streaming or downloading it

6 Best Alternatives for YoMovies

As we know that YoMovies is a piracy based website that operates in India. It is true that you can enjoy free movies on this site. But it is always good to keep in mind a few other alternatives. I am listing down a few of the best ones below:

If you want to stream movies completely for free, then the Zmovie online is the best alternative. On this site, you can watch the best quality movies. But there is a negative point to this site. You cannot download the movies, this site will just let you stream it online.

If you are a Bolly-bug, then Online Watch Movies is just the site for you. On this, you will get the best regional language movies. However, if you are searching for free Hollywood movies, then scroll down to view the other alternatives to YoMovies.

Sony Crackle is yet another legal alternative to this YoMovies that lets you watch the best Hollywood and Bollywood movies. There is also a Sony Crackle app for users who likes some entertainment on their phone. There are three points that you should keep in mind when you want to access Crackle. First, you will have to register as a user. Second, you need a VPN to have access to Crackle if you are from India, Pakistan, or any other country apart from the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Australia. Three, Crackle is both legal and free alternative. Hence we think it to be one of the best.

Ice Movie.net is a terrific alternative. If you are a cautious movie watcher who invests his time in only the best, then go to Ice Movie. This site lists movies according to the IMDB ratings. Great right? Further, like YoMovies, here you will also get a section that lists films by the year of their release. So, if you are a connoisseur of classic films, then it should be easy for you to find here.

This one is another alternative site where you can access movies of all genres for free. But you will first have to go through the process of registration. This site lets you both stream and downloads TV series and movies once you are a member. On this website, there are categories such as Latest Movies, TV series, Top, rated, and Greatest Movies. However, one of the downsides of the MovieNinja website is that it only offers Hollywood entertainment. So, if you are a Bolly-bug or love Tamil, Bengali or Telegu movies, then you will just have to pass on to the next option.

MoviezWap has a wide library brimming with the best regional movies. Not that it does not have Hollywood films, but this site is a treat for Bollywood, Tamil, and Telegu movie lovers. MoviezWap is a free movie downloading site. You can also watch WWE shows on this site. Here you have to select the category you like, then type in the name of the film. The user interface of this site is nice, if not great. You will have to spend a few seconds typing and searching before being able to download the movie of your choice. But on the positive side, MoviezWap will not disturb with recurrent ads and popups.

Let us discuss a few common questions asked by Yomovies Bollywood lovers:

Why is YoMovies So Popular?

' Free Movies' is the number one reason for YoMovies to be so popular among millions f users. Apart from free movie download, you can also download TV series on this site. If you want to watch English movies, but do not know English, you can easily lay your hands on the dubbed version of the Hollywood film. The site also has an extensive collection of Malayalam, Punjabi, Bengali, Telegu, Tamil, Kannada, and Pakistani movies for you to explore.

Another reason for the popularity of YoMovies is that here you get to see the latest movies for free just a few days after its release. No need to spend unnecessary bucks on theatre tickets when you have got YoMovies by your side. It is a website that brings the latest release at the finger tips of movie lovers. No wonder it is one of the most popular sites.

If you are looking for some adult entertainment, then this site is great too. It offers movies in the 18+ category range. The website has a smooth user interface. With just a few clicks, you can see the film of your choice. You will not be blocked by annoying ads every time you click on a new link.
There is a feature where you can create a list of your favourite films. By clicking on the heart shape on a movie, you make a little library of your own. You can easily have access to these movies later when you are in a mood to watch them.

Is there any Registration for YoMovies?

Absolutely no. In 2020 You do not need to register on YoMovies for watching or streaming free films. This site is completely hassle-free. However, if you want to create an exclusive library of favourite movies and want to have easy access, then you can consider registration. It is completely optional though.

There is also a YoMovies App that you can download on your phone. With this app, watching movies would be so much easier. Here too, you will not have to download or go through any unnecessary process. Just download the app and enjoy free entertainment on your screen.

Downloading movies is very easy on YoMovies. You will just have to click on a few links before you see the movie downloading on your device. First, type in 'YoMovies' on google search, then click on the link of their website. There you will see a neat user interface with headers that will help you choose the movie of your liking. Then click on the movie and go to the download link. Once you click 'Download', the film will quickly start downloading. The process is super simple.

Is YoMovies a Legal Website?

YoMovies is not a legal website. This site uses pirated copies of movies. It is for this reason that the site keeps changing the domain name.
Browsing this type of website can cause some legal trouble for you. As you know, piracy is a criminal offense in India. So, downloading free movies from these sites can lead to imprisonment and a monetary penalty.

However, I personally do not think that there is anything bad about it. I mean, who rejects a movie ticket if they get it for free? But you should be alert. If you can find a legal alternative to this site that is equally cool, then go for it.

Is it Safe to use YoMovies?

If you are asking, is it safe for you to use YoMovies, then we assume that you are talking about two things-

Your own safety
The safety of your computer

This is a pirated site. YoMovies uploads the latest released as soon as they are out, which means that movie production houses will be after them. Because the existence of such websites means that the production houses are losing business. And if the site is in trouble, then you being an user might be in trouble with the law. After all, by downloading free movies, you are supporting piracy.

If we talk about the safety of your computer, then yes, YoMovies is completely safe for it. The site will not infect your device. The only thing that you can get from this site is endless free dosages of entertainment. However, if the safety of your computer still concerns you, then you can consider other legal options like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hotstar. Albeit these are paid services, but you can have your peace of mind. With a VPN, then you can also have access to free movies on Crackle.

YoMovies is one of the most used sites for free movie downloads in India. This site is has a good user interface with neat categorizations. If you are searching for one of the best free film-watching experience, then this is the one. It has over three lacs visitors per day.Seeing the magnitude of the users, you can understand the craze.

Although movies, Tv shows of various kinds are completely free on this site, you must remember one thing. This is not a legal site, and hence you can have legal troubles. Users facing piracy-related issues in India are relatively less, but it happens.

So be aware, be alert, and be smart!

Disclaimer: Moviesroundup.in does not support piracy. The above article is to bring to your knowledge the workings, features, and functions of a particular site. We understand that piracy is illegal. We do not encourage viewing or downloading movies through illegal sites in any way whatsoever, as it is a direct violation of copyright claims. This article is purely for informative purpose.

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