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Ofilmywap 2020 – Catch All Latest Download Movie Links!

Posted on the 18 February 2020 by Haricharanpudipeddi @pudiharicharan

Heard about oFimlywap movie downloads? If not let us discuss and find how to do it right. Just check below for EXCLUSIVE links...

oFilmywap Download Movie Info [ EXCLUSIVE ]


**[ UPDATED FOR FEBRUARY 2020 ]** -> https://www.ofilmywap.de/

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oFilmywap Intro - Download Latest Hindi, English and Regional Movies

Ofilmywap 2020 – Catch All Latest Download Movie Links!

In this article, we shall talk about oFilmywap, its features, alternatives and Pros & Cons in detail.

oFilmywap is a movie website that lets you download Hindi, English, Tamil, Telegu, Bengali and other regional language movies absolutely for free. It is perhaps the best platform for downloading high-quality content in our country.

oFilmywap is the one-stop solution for all your entertainment needs. Apart from English, Hindi and regional language films, it brings animation movies for Kids entertainment at your fingertips.

oFilmywap is a website that uploads pirated movies. The previous name of oFilmywap.Today was Filmywap.com. This site uploads videos through an unauthorized source and so, the government of India banned it under piracy charges. However, the site revived back under a different name to keep entertaining its users.

With oFilmywap by your side, you will never have to buy another movie ticket. This site uploads a new movie just a few days after its upload.

Also, in case you are a little unsure of what to watch, you can have a glance at the latest release of the site to enjoy it for absolutely free. Get a popcorn, fill out a glass, and you are all set!

Not only movies, but you can also find the best of Indian TV shows here. It is a terrific site that uploads content daily. You the latest 2020 movies easily on this site, ready for download.

If you are a Hollywood movie lover but have trouble with the foreign language, then you can click on the 'unofficial Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movie' category to enjoy the dubbed version of the best Hollywood films.

Other than that, oFilmywap site has an array to offer. Here you will get a multitude of films on action, romance, thriller, horror, drama, conventional, sci-fi, animation and many more.

The user interface of this site is super simple. If you are not sure of what you want to see, have a glance at the categories. However, if you are certain of your choice of film, then simply go to the search bar and type the name of the movie of your choice. The site will direct you back to the google page. Click on the first link that appears on the page. It will have the download option for the movie.

After you visit the site with the active download link, you will be able to view options to download the film in several qualities like 4080p, 720p, and 1080p. oFilmywap will also show the exact duration of the film, star cast, Movie genre, release date along with a short description of the movie.

Movie Categories on oFilmywap

A film downloading site gets users only if it has multiple categories of movies in stock. Let's have a look at how well oFilmywap fares in this aspect:

  1. Latest Movie of the Day - oFilmywap is a terrific website as it uploads content regularly. Under this section, you can see the daily movie uploads of this site.
  2. Hollywood Dubbed Movie - Those of you who struggle to understand the foreign language, can view the Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies on this website.
  3. Marvel Movies in Hindi - Are you an ultra-fan of the Marvel universe? Then, oFilmywap has a whole section dedicated just for it. Under this section, you can watch all the Marvel movies at the comfort of your own house.
  4. Hindi Animation Films - Animation lovers can relax, as oFilmywap has a section exclusively for them as well. This section is ideal for Kids entertainment. You can download an animated movie and turn it on for your kids to enjoy.
  5. South India Movie in Hindi Dubbing - There is no peer to the south India Action Drama and thriller movies. If you fancy watching Tollywood films but don't know Telegu, then this is where you should be looking, as this site has south Indian movies in Hindi dubbing.
  6. Bengali Films - The Bengali detective movies are a class apart. Besides their art films, the Bengal commercial section is a massive hit with the viewers. You can download all the Bengali movies you like absolutely for free on oFilmywap.
  7. Punjabi Films - oFilmywap has an extensive collection of Punjabi film, and its movie library keeps expanding. Under this section, you can download all the Punjabi movies for free.
  8. Marathi, Gujarati, Bhojpuri Films - oFilmywap is a master when it comes to catering to the taste of all the people who love films in regional languages. Hence, it is no surprise that it has a pretty chunky Marathi, Gujarati, and Bhojpuri movie collection on this site.
  9. Best Pakistani Films - When it comes to entertainment, the Pakistani movies are filled with power-packed drama. Just so that you do not miss out on this category, this site has incorporated a decent library of Pakistani films too.
  10. Indian TV shows - If you cannot pass your day without watching your favorite saas-bahu serials, then oFilmywap is pretty much the right place for you. This site will provide with your daily dose of the best of Indian TV shows.
  11. WWE Shows - All 90s kids who grew up watching the WWE, will love this category. This section has the best WWE actions that you can watch to bring back memories of best childhood days.
  12. Request Your Movies- This is the section that makes oFilmywap a unique website. If you cannot find a movie you want to download, then you can request it on this site under the " Request your Movies" section. After you place your request, log in to this site a couple of days later. You will see that the movie of your choice is there and ready to download. Cool Right?
Ofilmywap 2020 – Catch All Latest Download Movie Links!

From the above stats, we can conclude that this movie site is absolutely getting good users.

oFilmywap is a tremendously popular website, with over a million users in India. Let us have a look at the features of this site:

oFilmywap is a site where you can download content for free.

On this site, you will get active download links of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telegu, Gujrati, Bengali, Punjabi, Nepali, Marathi, Animation and Dubbed movies that are completely free of charge.

This website also offers an option to download Hindi TV series.

The website uploads latest movies of 2020 just a few days after their release.

You can see the daily updates of this website right on the homepage.

oFilmywap lets you download and watch WWE shows.

The user interface of oFilmywap is super simple and easy for the users.

A unique thing about this site is, it lets you request the movie of your choice. If they do not have that movie in their library, they will upload it soon.

You can download SD, HD and Full HD quality movies from it.

There are good and bad in everything, and oFilmywap is no exception. This movie site has some terrific features, but a few lacunas as well. Let us have a look.

  • This free movie downloading site has a straightforward user interface and a super-fast server.
  • There aren't too many ads. You can get access to the active download link quickly.
  • oFilmywap has a huge movie library for you to explore.
  • The site lets you request movies if you wish.
  • It does not ask for any registration or membership requirements.
  • There are several categories of movies that makes it is easy to navigate through the site.
  • oFilmywap updates contents on a daily basis.
  • Here you can find movies in English, Hindi and multiple other regional languages.
  • You can her dubbed versions of Hollywood and south Indian films on this film downloading site.
  • English TV series is not available on this site
  • This website does not let you stream content. You can only download.
  • The homepage of oFilmywap might look rather simple to some users.

Best Alternatives for oFilmywap

You know that oFilmywap is a pirated movie site that uploads films by violating copyrights. Wouldn't it be useful if you knew a few alternatives? Although this site has a wide fanbase, but the government keeps banning this website. It might take a few days for it to resurface with a new domain.

So, it is always better to know a few other free movie websites that can offer you entertainment just as good:

There isn't one single netizen who is not acquainted with the concept of YouTube. It is our go-to site in case we want to watch a video. Most of the latest release movies are chargeable on YouTube.

But it can surely provide you with an unlimited dose of songs and videos.

Also, when it comes to watching webisodes and other short films, there is no other platform that is as good as YouTube. As it makes money from ads, so expect a few pop-ups and ads in the middle. But a little waiting is worth the entertainment you can draw out of this site.

Additionally, YouTube lets you download content that you can watch later when you are offline. Here you can create several 'playlists' so that the difference between you and the best entertainment narrows down to just a few taps.

We know that Amazon Prime is not a free streaming service, but you might want to give it a shot on a free trial period of 30 days. It is one of the best alternatives to oFilmywap. Amazon Prime has a commendable gallery of movies and TV shows. You can watch both local and international content on this site. For more convenience, you can download the Amazon Prime app on your system.

However, there is one downside to Amazon prime. They will charge your account as soon as your trial run is over. So, don't forget up unsubscribe to Amazon Prime if you don't want to get caught paying for their service.

Netflix is one of the best Movie platforms you will ever see. It has over 167 million users worldwide. In India, between 1 to 2 million people use this service. It is an entertainment providing services that will get you hooked for sure. However, similar to Amazon Prime, Netflix isn't free. But it sure is a legal platform. I think Netflix to be yet another superb alterative to oFilmywap because of the huge library that Netflix has.

Okay, I agree that the film collection of Netflix India is not the best, but when it comes to offering TV series, Netflix shines! Here you can watch the best of American TV shows. Netflix has series like Breaking Bad, Money Heist, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Th Big Bang theory, Riverdale, Sex Education, You and so much more that you cannot perhaps finish watching in this lifetime!

You can also download content on Netflix. However, the downside to their downloading feature is two folds. First, you can only download if you have a Netflix app on your device. Second, you cannot download videos on your computer or PC, but into the Netflix personal library. Which is kind of lame, but we do understand the logic.

Nonetheless, you can give this service a try. It offers a fantastic content collection and above all, the service is free for a whole month.

Voot is only available in India. Viacom 18 owns this platform and features contents in several Indian languages. You can browse through Voot's content on its website, or choose to download the Voot App on your Android, Windows and iOS devices. It has Voot original creations and supports live streaming. However, you cannot download content from all the TV channels on demand on this platform.

Sony crackle is both free and legal. But there is a catch. This service is not available in India. Sony Crackle is available in USA, Canada, and eighteen countries of the Latin American region. So, if you are a netizen from India, then you will have to have a VPN to beat the international boundaries and access Crackle.

The previous name of Bullmask was CiniSearch. It is a popular torrent website that lets you get access to Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood movies in a jiffy. You can get full-length TV shows and movies just by making a few clicks. Here you will get working links to download movies.

Bullmask offers you safer browsing than most other film downloading websites in its league. You can bank on this it to not redirect you to another phishing site

1337x is perhaps the best alternative to oFilmywap as it lets you download practically every film that exists! This site functions on the co-dependence of its users. Which means you can only download films and TV shows that other users upload.

Though this concept might sound limiting in theory, but in practicality, the library of this site is gigantic.

You can find almost any Hollywood and Bollywood movie or TV shows here. But do make sure that you spell the film correctly in the search bar. Even if you make a slight error in the film name, 1337x will not fetch any results.

With over 20000 movies, Showbox is one of the best alternatives to oFilmywap for movie bingers. It is a free service and runs on the money it makes through ads. Although Showbox follows Netflix's style in many ways, you should know that many videos that Showbox lets you download violate copyrights. So, Showbox might be a hit, especially in India, but it is certainly not legal.

Let us discuss a few common questions that people ask about oFilmywap:

#Why is oFilmywap so Popular ?

In India, oFilmywap has millions of happy users who download entertaining content from this website for free. Users who frequent this site don't have to shell out extra money for movie tickets as it uploads the latest films just after a couple of days of their release.

On oFilmywap, you will be amazed to look at the variety of films that are available. The collection ranges from rib-tickling comedies to heart-shattering tragedies. You can also binge on the most intense and quirky movies, just with a simple search.

There are over a dozen categories to choose from. Most importantly, oFilmywap is a bliss for all regional movie lovers.

This site is incredibly easy to operate. Just to the home page and select the film category you like. Or, you can as well directly search for the movie you want to download by typing its name in the search bar.

It is also popular because it has innumerable English movies dubbed into Hindi. You can as well entertain your kids as there are a plethora of Animated films ready to download. This website also maintains its popularity by letting users have control over their data usage as they can download videos in 480p, 720p and 1080p.

#Is any Registration or Membership necessary for oFilmywap ?

No, you will not have to register or take any membership if you want to download free films from this site.

Downloading movies are the easiest on oFilmywap as this site gives you the direct active link for download without redirecting you to repetitive ads or other objectionable sites. Another reason why movie download is easy here is because, all the movies are sorted into categories. These groupings help you to decide your mind pretty quickly and start the downloading process.

#How to Download Movies from oFilmywap ?

To download movies from oFilmywap, you will first have to search for this site on google. After you arrive on its home page, you can choose a category you would like to explore. Or you can type the movie you want to download for free in the search bar.
After you click on 'search', the site will redirect you back to a google page. Click on the first link, the one right at the top of the page. It opens a page where you will get an active link for downloading.
You can also view a brief description of the movie, its duration and a few other important details before you choose to download.

#Is oFilmywap a Legal Website ?

No, it is not a legal website. It uses controversial and unauthorized sources to give you download links of the films you want to watch. The site violates copyrights which is an illegal act in India. Downloading content from this site might land you in legal trouble. If you are already using such sites for movie downloads, we caution you and urge you to switch to a legal alternative.

To be honest, this site is not safe in any respect. On such sites, there are a lot of viruses and malware. If you accidentally click on any wrong link, then these can enter your computer and affect it adversely.
Additionally, as we have already explained above, this site is not legal. Hence if you browse oFilmywap website, you are directly supporting piracy. This act of yours can lead you into trouble.

#Why do the Government Ban Site like These ?

The government keeps banning sites like these because they offer pirated movies. It means that these sites have not paid any money to film houses to make these movies available to public. They do not have any streaming rights on the movies that are on the site.

Owing to platforms like these, the film industry suffers enormous losses. It is for them that movie tickets have less sale, collection at the box office drops and TRPs are low. This adds negatively to the economic growth of the country.

oFilmywap is a site among many others that offer movies through pirated sources. If I assess from the user's point of view, then this site has both pros and cons.
The user interface of oFilmywap is neat, and there is hardly any Hindi or regional movie that you won't find here. For Indian users who are not fluent in English, this oFilmywap is bliss because of its variety of dubbed movies. However, its catalogue of the English TV series is somewhat limited.

Disclaimer: All the information on oFilmywap is purely for educational purpose only. We at Movieroundup.in do not support piracy. If any sentence in this article points to anything other than our total belief in the constitution, then it is unfortunate as it was not our original intention. We know, believe and support the Constitution to the fullest possible extent and discourage users from using sites like these.

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