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Khaanflix 2020: Free Online Movies & Series

Posted on the 24 March 2020 by Haricharanpudipeddi @pudiharicharan

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Intro to Khaanflix - **Free Online Movies & Series **

Khaanflix 2020: Free Online Movies & Series

Whenever someone mentions the country India, two things pop up in our minds. One is Cricket and the second is Bollywood.

Bollywood is the largest film producing industry all across the globe and because of that, it has a huge fan following in every section of the country.

People cherish the movies produced by Bollywood and consistently watch them in theatres, home or wherever they could find.

But recently Bollywood isn't the only movie producing industry that is making a lot of noise. Tollywood from the past decade has been talking of the town as well, due to its ability to produce engaging, action-packed and crispy movies that are sometimes on par with the Bollywood and can even compete with Hollywood.

Because of the uprising of the Tollywood industry, a lot of people are switching to Tamil movies and industry just keeps on growing every day by producing some staggering and high budget projects.

Movies like 2.0 and Bahubali are a prime example of how far Tollywood has reached in terms of productivity and quality and it isn't even deniable that now it stands toe to toe with Bollywood.

Although most of the people can watch movies on television, it isn't convenient every time. You have to wait for a particular time in order to watch your favorite movie then there are problems with commercials. In order to avoid all of these and watch a movie at your handiness, it would be convenient if you could watch it on your device.

One of the biggest problems that arrive with watching movies on your device is the issue of legality. You can't watch a movie without paying a certain amount of money (legally speaking).

In order to watch the movie, you will have to go through numerous procedures and pay up something to the website which is offering movie streaming services. But its a bit of a nuisance to pay every time you watch a movie, that's why there are some websites that provide free movie streaming and downloading services.

But the problem is that they have their own consequences. Since they are a means of illegal services, there is a huge amount of risk involved in using them.

Nonetheless, if you want to watch something for free, you will have to take a certain amount of risk and today we are going to discuss one of the websites that is full of risks but offers free movie streaming and downloading services.

About Khaanflix

Khaanflix resembles your usual movie streaming websites and follows a similar format. As its name indicates, the website is closely associated with Tamil movies, so you are bound to see most of the stuff related to Tollywood when you visit the website.

Khaanflix is one of the top websites that provide Tamil movies services for free and its user interface is what sets it apart from most of the websites. Although, it is an illegal website everything is sorted out and associated sophisticatedly. Upon visiting you won't even feel like it is an illegal website.

The categorization is done in a very proper manner. It is done in such a way that you won't have to spend a lot of time searching for your movie.

You will find all sorts of necessary tabs that are required to search for your favorite movie or a particular genre of movie that you are looking for. For instance, there is a tab called category where you can find different categories like action, horror, comedy etc and search for movies that fall under those categories.

For further convenience, you can also rank movies according to their ratings, their name and their date of release. This makes the entire process of searching pretty feasible.

Both movies streaming and downloading services are available on Khaanflix. The service of movie streaming allows you to watch the movie in different qualities as per the strength of your internet connection.

The quality can be switched between 480p, 720p and 1080p. To watch the movie all you have to do is simply click on the movie, select the quality from the setting and movie will start streaming for free.

Apart from streaming, there is an option for downloading as well. For download the same type of qualities is available. Multi servers are there to choose from. If one of the servers is down you can always download from the other one.

Type of Movies on Khaanflix

Khaanflix has both Tollywood and Bollywood collection of movies and in addition to that, it also has a considerable number of Hollywood movies. Most of the movies on the website are Tamil.

There are all classes of them, from old classics to the latest ones, you will find most of them. With each new release, the movies get added to the website but it takes a certain amount of time for it to get uploaded to the website.

Besides Tollywood movies, the website is flooded with Bollywood movies as well.

But compared to the number of Tamil movies on the website, you won't find much of a Bollywood but still, there are considerable numbers. Most of the Bollywood movies are famous ones so the probability of finding the one you want is a lot more.

You can also find Hollywood movies and the great thing is that they are available in both English and Hindi dubbed. So if you are looking for a Hollywood movie in the Hindi language you can get it on Khaanflix.

Even Tamil movies are available in their original language as well as in Hindi dubbed version. Apart from Tamil, Hindi and English movies, there are movies in Telugu, Malayalam and some other languages as well.

Is it safe to download?

Downloading movies from Khaanflix is a risky business, in fact, downloading movies from any such illegal website has a lot of risks. As we all know the movies are original content of its own creator so storing it by illegal means is just equal to the crime. When you download the movie it means that now you have possession of it and this ultimately means that you've stolen something which isn't yours so it can lead to some legal action.

Wrapping up

Stay away from sites like Khaanflix as it is one of a kind pirated and illegal sites like 3Movierulz, Moviesflix, Yomovies, etc... Better watch from licensed digital media sites like Netflix, Prime and all.

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