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3Movierulz 2020 : Download All Types Of FREE Movies Info**

Posted on the 09 February 2020 by Haricharanpudipeddi @pudiharicharan

It's my pleasure now to introduce a recently released movie site called 3Movierulz. Just check below for EXCLUSIVE links...

3Movierulz Download Movie Info [ EXCLUSIVE ]

-> https://3movierulz.sx/


**[ UPDATED FOR FEBRUARY 2020 ]** -> http://3movierulz.in/ -> http://3movierulz.mx/ Find More Movies From 3Movierulz Competitors:

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3Movierulz Intro: Free Online Movies and TV Show Downloading Site

3Movierulz 2020 : Download All Types Of FREE Movies Info**

3Movierulz is an entertainment website that offers free movies from different genres for downloading and online viewing in 2020. Yes, you heard that right! Free movies at your fingertips! However, there is something you must know about this site before you go looking for free videos.

3Movierulz is a site that uploads pirated content, which means that it violates copyright laws. This site is managed from the USA, but it has millions of users in India and is booming.

Since the website came into use, it gained a lot of popularity as it has a huge movie collection that you can enjoy without having to pay a single buck. On this website, you will get various categories of movies like Hollywood, Bollywood, Bengali, Tamil, and other regional films.

If you are in the mood of some TV entertainment, then 3Movierulz has got your back. You can stream TV series online or even download them to watch later at your convenience when you are not connected to the internet. Not only does this site offer regular movies and TV shows for free, but you can also download kids' shows, cartoons, and WWE with a few clicks.

Soon after there is a movie release, users start searching for the movie title online to watch it for free. Sites like this one upload the film days after their launch and bring them to the online platform for the users to watch films for no charge.

As 3Movierulz promotes piracy content, it has been banned many times. However, after a short while, the site revives itself under a different domain name. If you are already a user of the site, you will know that the domain 3Movierulz.com is not working.

Here are some of the features of 3Movierulz which makes it the best movie downloading site:

  • You can watch movies online on this website
  • On 3Movierulz, you can watch TV shows too
  • You can as well download its songs, movies and TV series on your computer and watch it later
  • Here you will find kid's content to watch online and download
  • The user interface is fairly simple and will not require you to spend too much time browsing for your favorite show
  • If you don't know English, you can watch a dubbed version of the movies
  • There are varying available formats on this site. You can download contents in 300mb, 700mb, 1.2GB, and 1.5GB formats.
  • Most importantly, you all the online streaming and downloading are free of any charge. So, you can just sit back and enjoy it!
  • There is also a category where films are sorted according to the IMDB ratings.
  • This website has a fast server and a minimal buffering time. Here you can watch movies without buffering and download free films without glitches.

3Movierulz Entertainment Categories

Once you are a user of 3Movierulz, you will not have to spend your time fishing for your favorite movies and shows. Everything you want is right in front of you.

These are the categories you will find on this site:

  1. Hollywood movies
  2. Bollywood movies
  3. Tamil movies
  4. Telegu movies
  5. Kannada movies
  6. Dubbed movies
  7. Kids Cartoon and Shows

You will not be disappointed with their vast and clear divisions of movies. The website has comedy, horrors, thrillers, adult (18+), Kids, Sci-fi, tearjerkers, parodies, and sentimental movies. The sorting of films into categories helps save up your time and cuts frustration.

Best Alternatives for 3Movierulz

Now that you know that the 3Movierulz keeps changing its domain name from time to time, it will certainly be useful to keep in mind a few alternatives. After all, what if you are in a movie-binging mood and the site somehow isn't available?

We have looked into some of the most popular movie downloading site, and here we are listing some of the best alternatives for 3Movierulz.

Sony Crackle:
Crackle is a superb free movie-watching platform. It is a website that Sony owns and runs. However, if you are from India or any of the S.A.A.R.C. countries, you aren't very lucky. Crackle service is only available in 21 countries, which include the U.S and Canada but none of the Asian countries.

However, if you can manage a VPN, then you can certainly cut past the geographical barrier and enjoy the service at no added cost.

Don't get your hope super high here. The content on Sony crackle is relatively thinner than 3Movierulz.

So, how is it the best alternative to 3Movierulz?

Well, with this site, you might get into legal trouble, but Crackle is 100% legal. You will not get into trouble for watching or downloading films from it.


If you want a larger collection of content than Crackle has, then it is a good idea to settle for PopcornFlix. It is another one of the best alternatives to 3Movierulz. You can stream content on PopcornFlix from any device, and it is completely free.

In the mood for some Comedy, Thriller, or Quirky movie for the weekend? You can surely give this site a try. It also has TV shows available. A special thing about this site is, PopcornFlix has the entire series of National Geographic in it, which makes a great watch for kids and pregnant mommies.

If you are feeling a little fancy, then you can log into Streamog. This website is especially known for a very well selected French movie collection. Every day the site publishes a list of movies and the T.V.T.V. series that they will show, which is very convenient for the viewers.

What's better is, Streamog has a brief description of each of the movies and shows. It will give you the names of the cast, director, and brief plotline so that you have a hint of what the movie is all about.

The site does have some translated movies, but many of the movies are only in French. It could be a bummer to many, but if you want to catch on to some really classy French movies, nothing is better than this Streamog.

B Movies:
To enjoy free movie downloads, you can as well use the B movies app. It is a superb all-in-one application that gives you the ease of searching, downloading, and sharing movies in a single app.

On B movies, the contents are uploaded by the users. You might think that it will limit your options, but download it once, and I promise it will not disappoint you as it has more movies that you can see in a lifetime.

Additionally, B Movies also gives you a little sneak peek of each film, which is a similar feature like Streamog. It will show you the details of the movie and the score for the same. You can also decide between the multiple formats it offers, which makes it another best alternative to 3Movierulz.

With 123GOStream, you can enjoy a faster download and a wide movie gallery. To get access, all you have to do is just complete a survey and Voila! You have the link to the free movie right in front of you.

No fake ads and no scam attempts, just pure entertainment is what you get at 123GOStream. The site keeps updating and working on its database. Hence, we can assure you that your movie downloading and watching experience will be satisfactory.

Go to the site, choose the movie, take the little survey, and you will have the link to your chosen movie. Enjoy, you have earned it!


people are getting busy. So, watching movies on the phone while traveling or in the middle of business classes or meetings is a popular thing now.

Here we have an alternative for 3Movierulz, exclusively for Android users who like seeing movies on their phones. You can download this free movie watching app from Play Store.

It has over 20,000 movies in its catalog, and with each passing week, the library keeps expanding. Recently the app has also done some bug fixes so that you enjoy nothing short of the highest and the best quality films on your smartphone. With the latest update of the Showbox app, you can as well stream Mp3 music on demand.

If you are wondering whether this app lets you download content or not, sure it does. Open the app, search the movie you want to download, choose the download option. And there it is.

However, the content will not be saved in your device. Instead, it will remain under the 'my download' section of the app. ShowBox is an all-round package for movie bingers who like to keep their screens small.

I am sure that you are familiar with the expression-Netflix &chill. If you haven't, get a life!

If you already have a Netflix subscription, then I believe you are already having a good time. If you have never experienced Netflix, get your free 30 days subscription today. You will not have to pay anything for a month to enjoy this sensation that has taken over the world.

I agree that Netflix's movie collection isn't very impressive. Classics like Harry Potter and many Star Wars films aren't on the list. But the service has bewitched its users with its wide content of TV shows.

On Netflix, you can watch shows like Breaking Bad, Brooklyn 99, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, The Big bang Theory, Stranger Things, and The Witcher. The last one is something everyone is going crazy about in 2020. However, when the thirty days are over, you will have to pay Netflix to enjoy its services.

If video quality matters to you, then you might find HDPopcorns to be the best alternative to 3Movierulz.
On this site, there is a plethora of movies that you can download or stream. All the contents here are in HD. You can choose between 720p or 1080p. But if you are looking to save up data, HDPopcorns might not be your cup of tea. Downloading HD movies consume a lot more data than SD, but it also counts for a more satisfactory experience.
So, if you want a better movie-watching experience, then I suggest that you talk to your broadband service provider and get a better data plan. It will be worth it!

Why is 3Movierulz so Popular?

You might start to think here why are we writing about the 3Movierulz if there are so many great alternatives to it already.

Well, 3Movierulz has a great user base that it has acquired by being in function over the years. It is perhaps one of the best free movie downloading sites out there. There are some really great reasons for its popularity.

Let us start with the fact that 3Movierulz offers movies for FREE! With this site at your fingertips, you will never have to spend another buck on movie tickets. Just grab some snacks, pour the glass with soda, and you can enjoy the feeling of being at a movie theatre at home!

It gets you the latest releases along with the star ratings, just a few days after a movie is launched.

3Movierulz has a terrific collection of mainstream Hollywood and Bollywood movies. It also has some of the best and the most popular artsy films on its list.

If you are a regional movie lover, then 3Movierulz has got it right here right now. You can browse the best Tamil, Telegu, or Kannada movies and download them from 3Movierulz for free.

The server of 3Movierulz is inordinately fast. On this site, buffering will not hinder the film watching experience. The UI, in general, is well-laid. There are groupings according to languages, genres, and suitability for age groups. There is also a category of movies listed according to the IMDB rating. Isn't it fantastic?!

If you face a language barrier, then this site has got a lot to offer. You can watch the best Hollywood dubbed movies on this website. Also, there are other south Indian dubbed films that you can enjoy in other languages.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions on 3Movierulz

After reading up the article, you might have various questions popping in your mind. To clear all your queries, we have listed and answered the most frequently asked questions on 3Movierulz.

Any Registration/Membership Required for 3Movierulz ?

You do not need to register or become a member of this site to download or watch films. Registering is totally optional if you just want to download or stream movies online.

Although you will have to register as a user if you want to be a part of the discussion forum. To be more specific, you will only have to become a registered member if you want to voice your opinion or post comments on the website. Otherwise, 3Movierulz is the best site for hassle-free movie watching and downloading at the fastest speed.

Why Movie Downloading is Easy on 3Movierulz ?

Downloading movies from 3Movierulz is a breeze. Everything you want is sorted into categories and placed right in front of you. Its UI enables you to choose a film way faster than other websites. You will get a wide range of categories here. There are Emotional, Sci-fi, thriller, Horror, sentimental, quirky, tear-jerkers, kids' entertainment, and adult movies over here.

Once you have selected the movie you like, you will get the link to download the content. 3Movierulz is a buffer-free zone that lets you download films at a lightning-fast speed.

If you intend to save up on data, then this is your paradise. On this site, you can download movies and TV series in several qualities. But don't get us wrong, there are plenty of HD quality films available too. On this website, you can also listen to or download MP3 format songs for your entertainment for free.

What is the Present domain name of 3Movierulz ?
Earlier it was working under the domain name 2Movierulz previously. But after that got banned, the present domain name in 2020, according to the latest updates, is 3Movierulz. This site has gained massive popularity over the few months it has been in function. It has the same easy UI of the former website. The only difference is in their name.

What movies can I watch Here ?
You can see a variety of movies on this new domain as well. Here you can find Tamil, Telegu, Bengali, Punjabi, Bollywood, Hollywood, and films of various other categories. On this website, there are groupings based on languages, genres, and star ratings. It is a neatly designed web layout for movie lovers.

Is 3Movierulz a legal website?

No 3Movierulz is not a legal site. Needless to say, it is not legal to download films from this site. The website gets hold of the latest releases in the industry and uploads it within a few days after the film's launch.

This is clearly the violation of copyright laws. It falls under the realm of piracy, which is why the website gets banned from time to time. But as the site is so popular, the owners somehow find a way back to relaunch it under a different name.

Right now, if you are asking-' can I get into trouble for downloading films from this site?'-

Yes, you can be into trouble. Piracy is illegal in India. By knowingly downloading pirated content, you are supporting piracy, and you can face charges for the same. For piracy, the IPC deems imprisonment or fine, or both to be fit punishments.

So, yes, you could be facing a legal sentence if you use 3Movierulz to download free movies and TV series.

Is it Safe to Download Movies from 3Movierulz ?

The website provides pirated copies of movies in the best quality. As we have already used the word' pirated' multiple times, you should know that it might not be safe for you to download movies from this site. You can get slammed with piracy charges.

However, your computer will not be at risk. This website is safe for your computer and does NOT pose any threat to it.


To sum up, 3Movierulz has a large gallery of movies that you can enjoy for free. There is hardly any movie that you cannot find on this site. Being operated from the USA, this movie downloading website has a wide reach.

On similar sites, you might face issues like buffering and excessive ads. But on 3Movierulz, things are different. This website has minimal ads, is completely free, you do not need to register here and it also has an excellent UI for the ease and comfort of users. The site also offers songs for listening and downloading for no charge.

Although advertisements and online promotions are the main sources of income of this website, the ads aren't too much out there. Things are pretty much in control. You will not be annoyed with excessive ads and pop-pus blocking your view while watching a movie on 3Movierulz.

It is a hassle-free site that does not ask for your credit card number to register. You can be a guest user and download movies at your own pace. There are contents of varying qualities from which you can choose. This site does not restrict you by limiting content quality.

3Movierulz is much like an Aladdin's lamp. Just get in there, wish for the movie of your choice, and the site will get your desired content in front of you, almost instantly.

But, always remember that the movies and the TV series you are downloading are pirated. So, if you are a user who and have a better legal alternative to 3Movierulz, then you should go for it.


We at movieroundup.in do not support piracy. We know, acknowledge, and understand that piracy is illegal and is punishable by law under the Indian Penal Code (IPC). If any of the statement(s) in this article points to the advocacy of piracy, then it is an unfortunate event as that was not what we intended. We strongly urge all the readers to refrain from using websites that support piracy.

Piracy is theft; do not be a part of it!

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