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YOLO T-Shirts – Why Not? After All; YOLO

By Fibers @fibers

You Only Live Once – YOLO! The Washington Post calls this the acronym you love to hate (AYLYH, not as catchy). Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay. And if you love it, you should get a shirt, after all, you only live once!

you only live once, t-shirt, yolo tshirt, custom tee

Yolo t-shirt, script, hand drawn type, typography t-shirt

Originating on twitter amongst the LOLs, BRBs and ROTFLMAOs, YOLO is a cry to seize the day and live life to the fullest.

Drake wrote the abriv. into his song “The Motto” and Zac Efron got it tattooed on his hand.

I mean, why not? YOLO.

YOLO, zac effron, tattoo

The acronym has already spawned a parodies, like this t-shirt from indie web comic Questionable Content.

YOLO, t-shirt, Jef Jaques, Questionable Content, funny

So what do you think? Are you totes in luvs with this new abriv?

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