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Fibers Own IT Crowd T-Shirts

By Fibers @fibers

We’ve been hard at work researching every t-shirt worn by Roy in the BBC show The IT Crowd. We’ve spend hours scouring the internet, watching episodes and find images of every shirt and where they can be purchased. Some of the shirts were no where to be found, so we took the liberty of creating a few of the out of print tees from the show. See the whole IT Crowd T-Shirt Infographic and read the t-shirt descriptions with links to where the t-shirts are available for purchase.

Fibers Own IT Crowd T-Shirts

Here are some of the t-shirts we recreated from the show.

Roys T-Shirts (The IT Crowd)

Roys T-Shirts (The IT Crowd) by fibers featuring t-shirts42 T-Shirt: The answer to life the universe and everything, as any card-carrying geek would know.The Imports T-Shirt: A fake band made up for the show.Simple Lighting Bolt T-Shirt: Folks on the internet claim this is a reference to the flash, but I say no. The flash symbol always has a circle. This is just your basic, run of the mill lighting bolt on a gray shirt.meh. t-shirt: an expression of indifference. It’s non-committal, a response to get out of having a response.If you’ve never seen The IT Crowd and have no idea who Roy is or why he wears silly t-shirts – well you just better head over to Netflix and get to watching the IT Crowd. You might recognize the gentleman who plays Roy from his role as the adorable cop in Bridesmaids. Yep, that’s the same guy.

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