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Yggdrasil Ice Medallion

By Vickilane
Yggdrasil Ice MedallionIt appeared on a dining room window yesterday morning... Yggdrasil Ice MedallionA frost patch that made me think of  Yggdrasil, the World Tree of Old Norse mythology...Yggdrasil Ice MedallionYggdrasil, a huge ash tree, is a meeting place of the gods. It is the tree upon which Odin hung for nine days, pierced by a spear, to learn the wisdom of the nine worlds.  Yggdrasil's branches reach  far into the sky and its three roots spread wide to a spring and two wells.   Creatures live within the great tree - among them a dragon, an eagle, and four stags. . .
I think I see them . . .
Yggdrasil Ice Medallion

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