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Yes, We Can (And Should!) Have Groups That Don’t Allow Weight Loss Talk

By Danceswithfat @danceswithfat

Yes, We Can (And Should!) Have Groups That Don’t Allow Weight Loss TalkWe have a right to safe spaces - to create them, to maintain them, to participate in them, whether it's a group we moderate, or just our own social media accounts.

For those who have chosen to create or moderate spaces that are anti-diet and weight loss talk, we can prioritize people who joined for the sanctuary from ubiquitous anti-fat diet and weight loss talk.

We are allowed to immediately delete any post or comment that threatens the safety of those spaces - whether it's made out of ignorance or with the intent to harm. People who are in our spaces, breaking our rules, are not owed a debate, or the benefit of the doubt. We might choose to message them privately to help educate them, but if we do that is a courtesy, they aren't owed that and we aren't obligated to give it to them. We can simply keep our spaces safe for the people who deserve them.

In my experience (including as a mod for several groups with "no weight loss talk" rules,) the people putting weight loss talk into spaces with rules against it fall into four broad categories:

1. Cyberbullies - trolls who are purposely trying to harm fat people

2. People whose buy-in to the weight loss paradigm is so complete that it has convinced them that they are entitled to break the rules and talk about weight loss whenever and wherever they want.

3. People who feel that their weight loss is a special case (typically the "for my health" crowd) and thus believe they should be entitled to break the rule of "absolutely no weight loss talk" because their weight loss talk is somehow very extra special

4. People who saw "fat" in the name of the group, assumed that the group would be anti-fat, didn't bother to read the rules, and then just went charging into the posts and comments with their bullshit

A common concern that well-intention people sometimes have is that "maybe we could change some of these people's minds if we just worked with them." And maybe we could, but every community that exists to support people around Size Acceptance and Health at Every Size does not have to allow disagreement and debate on the subject.

It is completely acceptable (and I would argue necessary) to have spaces that center the needs of people who are committed to practicing SA and HAES (rather than centering the needs of those who are still entrenched in the weight-loss paradigm, or are stuck in a state of liminality and paradigm straddling.) That requires not allowing discussion that is pro weight loss. As a queer person, I would say that suggesting that a fat-positive group must allow pro weight loss talk is a bit like suggesting that queer-positive groups must allow discussion that is pro reparative therapy.

We do not owe anyone a debate on our right to exist. We deserve spaces safe from the people and beliefs that oppress us, and we have every right to create and protect them.

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Yes, We Can (And Should!) Have Groups That Don’t Allow Weight Loss Talk

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