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Yellowstone Trip Part 2!

By Chelsey5 @chelseysullivan

Day two of our trip was amazing!

We went into Yellowstone and saw some beautiful sights.

I have so many pictures that it was really hard picking my favorites for the blog.

Hence the 3 part series.

 Day 2 we went to Jackson lake first.

Yellowstone Trip Part 2!

The smoke was not as thick this day so we could actually see the Tetons peeking through.

Yellowstone Trip Part 2!

Smoke or not it was beautiful!

Yellowstone Trip Part 2!

Next was the iconic stand-in-front-of-sign picture.

Here kids look directly into the sun so mommy can have her scrapbook material.

Poor kids.

Yellowstone Trip Part 2!

The kids really thought the crooked tree was neat.

I thought it was too but I also thought it was a good way to show how thick the smoke still was.

Yellowstone Trip Part 2!

I know many mothers are gasping at the picture of my boys near the edge.

I assure you they were safe……enough.

They were enthralled watching the man below fly fish.

Yellowstone Trip Part 2!

Here is something so amazing that it caught the attention of all 5 kids at once!

This is what it was…


Yellowstone Trip Part 2!

Boiling mud.

By far not the most amazing thing in the park but they thought it was awesome.

If this little hot spring was so exciting I knew they would love the big geyser!

So we headed off to go see Old Faithful.

Yellowstone Trip Part 2!

When we got there it had just gone off so we had about an hour to go look in the lodge and have an ice cream snack.

Then we got a nice spot and we waited……and waited…..and waited and of course for our viewing the geyser was running late.

Almost 15 minutes late!

Oh well, it was worth the wait.

Yellowstone Trip Part 2!

So amazing!

Yellowstone Trip Part 2!

Yellowstone Trip Part 2!

Now I have lived in Wyoming almost my whole adult life and most of my young life and I had never seen Old Faithful.

Sad right?

I watched the whole eruption and took picture after picture of it.

Next time I will be sure to take pictures of the kids faces as they watch.

After we watched the geyser we decided it was lunch time.

So we found a nice picnic spot to eat at.

Yellowstone Trip Part 2!

Jonah found a tree to climb.

Imagine that!

Yellowstone Trip Part 2!

MMMmmm lunch!

Yellowstone Trip Part 2!

Jude found a tree to climb too.

After lunch we got back on the road to go see the falls.

Then we stopped again.

Yellowstone Trip Part 2!

Cause I had to take this pretty picture.

The trip through was slow.

Not because of traffic or animal sightings or bathroom breaks.

It was because I made everyone stop soooo many times for pictures of anything and everything that caught my eye.

After many stops we finally made it to the upper and lower falls.

The hike down to the top of the lower falls was long but it was oh so worth it.

Yellowstone Trip Part 2!

This is the top view of the lower falls.

This picture is not too impressive until I turn the camera so you can see the canyon this is flowing into.

Yellowstone Trip Part 2!

This is the canyon that the waterfall pours into.

I had a hard time capturing the immense size of the surroundings.

It was breathtaking!

Yellowstone Trip Part 2!

The waterfall sounded like constant thunder.

You could feel the power of the water.

Yellowstone Trip Part 2!

The whole gang.

After we hiked back up and almost died, we went to another place to view the falls.

Yellowstone Trip Part 2!

This helps you see the size of the waterfall.

See the specs on the right next to the waterfall.

Those specs are people.

That is where I took the other photos.

Spectacular right!?

Yellowstone Trip Part 2!

Yellowstone Trip Part 2!

My favorite part of Yellowstone was this waterfall.

Old faithful was very impressive too but this waterfall left me in awe.

The beauty of this canyon and the power of the water is amazing.

When I looked out over the waterfall I was reminded of the greatness of God.

To think that He just spoke this all into existence is miraculous.

This is far beyond anything I could imagine or comprehend, but it is a reminder of the greatness of God.

Psalm 121 comes to my mind.

“I lift my eyes to the hills – where does my help come from?

My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.”

My help comes from the Lord who made this amazing earth.

I find much hope, joy and comfort in that.

Stay tuned for part 3……..

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