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Yarn Bottle Tutorial

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Yarn Bottle TutorialIt's no secret that I love rainbow-wool craft, whether it's a colourful bangle or a wearable Christmas wreath wrap.  Since then, I've tried other craft projects with the wool, but one of my favourites is wrapping bottles.  Whilst the photo is not the greatest, you can see that a simple wrap of wool or yarn can transform a plain bottle into a quirky decoration or table setting.
  • Wash and clean the bottle you want to use, removing all traces of the old label (I'll post a helpful link on my facebook page).
  • Add a small strip of double sided tape vertically down the side of the bottle where you want the wool to be.
  • Push one end of the wool vertically, up and down, the sticky strip to hold it in place.
  • Start wrapping the bottle in horizontal loops (from the top down or visa-versa; it doesn't matter.)
  • As you wrap, be sure that the wool sits as close to the piece beside it, but doesn't overlap.
  • When you get to the end of the tape, cut a small woolen tail of a few centimetres (an inch or two).
  • Using a bamboo skewer or needle, push the tail of the wool in behind the wrapped wool - remember that if you only partially wrap the bottle you will be able to see this through the glass, so keep it as straight as you can.
  • Add whatever lightweight embellishments you like; such as pretend gems, brooches, gift-wrap ribbons and so on.
You can wrap as much or as little of the bottle as you like; I went for small stripes to complete both bottles under my preferred 15 minute time limit.  Wrap big bottles to hold flowers, old jars to hold cutlery, or tiny bottles simply as decoration.  Mix and match wool types and colours, or do several bottles of different shapes in the same color... experiment and have fun!

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