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Puppy Love

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Puppy Love It's no secret that you-tube is home to a vast variety of humourous videos, many of them, seemingly of cats and dogs doing funny things.  Whilst I'm not someone who can spend ages watching cat-antics, I must admit that there is something especially cute about kittens and puppies in odd places...
A couple of months ago, I came downstairs to see our cavoodle puppy in the doll's pram being pushed around by my youngest daughter   Little Lotti told me (almost) convincingly that he "wanted" to be in there, and even tried to convince me he jumped up there all by himself... regardless, I confess - I took a dozen photos of our fur-baby and decided, what the heck, let's post one on the blog for every one can see... because hey, puppies are so darn cute...
More on party-craft soon... unless my puppy does something else I can't resist the urge to upload!!

PS - as a post script it should be noted, that Dash has since grown up a bit, and whilst he is still cute he had a bad habit of eating all our cushions, and the occasional doll's leg right off... so needless to say that Little Lotti is not so keen on sharing her treasured possessions with her "little brother" any more... or at least not that she knows about... shhhh... she still doesn't know a favorite fairy 'disappeared' into the garbage can after she lost both arms and one leg... what a sad discovery that was!?!

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