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Writing at JCC

By Vickilane
Writing at JCC I think we had fun.

This was quite a class -- folks from varying places and backgrounds with one thing in common -- the desire to write a book.

Oh, and what an assortment of ideas and characters!  
  • A high powered, wise-cracking female executive with ninja skills and a house husband whose skills may exceed hers
  •  A creepy, affectless serial killer and a troubled young woman with intuitive profiling chops 
  • A man, facing his own mortality and determined to leave a legacy of family memories to his children and grandchildren 
  • An adult son struggling to come to grips with his relationship to his father and with the social mores of his small Southern town
  • the first female captain of a mission to Mars, carrying a priest and a trio of nuns (all Korean) to minister to the settlers (there are also companion rabbits) 
  • and a single mother in a dead end job in a sewing plant, struggling to survive and to understand her coworkers
We covered Character, Setting, Dialogue, Plot, Flashbacks, and a whole lot more. 

They had assignments like:

  • Write about your main character from the point of view of someone who hates him/her.
  • Show your character at an emotional low-point and make us aware of the problems facing him/her.
  • Write the copy that will go on the back cover of your novel It should intrigue the reader without giving away the ending.
  • Write a dialog in which one character's thoughts are at odds with his/her words.
  • And lots more.
At the end of the week they had nearly a dozen scenes, ready to be fitted into the framework of a novel. I'm confident some fine books will come out of this extraordinary class!
Writing at JCC

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