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By Thecurlycasualista @curlycasualista
Writing It may come as a surprise, being that I have a blog and everything, that I am not at all a huge fan of writing (or maybe that doesn't come as a surprise if we look at how little much I actually write per post). Particularly when it comes to structured writing, I just can't make myself do it. I've felt this way as long as I can remember. English class was always difficult (except when we got to try free-form, stream-of-consciousness writing), and writing papers in college was a challenge of "write exactly as much as you need with as little amount of effort needed in order to get it over and done with." I hated it.
And I want to like writing. I really do. I feel like I should like it, because it's a good way to express oneself and to get things off your chest (can we say venting?). I'd like to be one of those people who has something to say and could write a book someday. But I just can't see myself doing it. The idea of writing in a structured fashion for 300-something pages? No thank you. Writing a cover letter? One of life's hardest tasks for me (no joke). Hell, I didn't even consider going into a PhD program because the thought of writing a dissertation sounded like the worst thing to ever possibly happen to someone. Barring illness, injury, or death, or course.
But sometimes I do need to say things. And in a forum where I can just say whatever. However I want, with no worries about punctuation or grammar or the correct words. Because, if I am going to write, it's going to be stream of consciousness-esque. And it may not make sense. But that's how I operate. I have enough trouble getting my thoughts to come out of my mouth in a coherent fashion, I don't want to worry about how I write them, too!
I also can never seem to keep a journal. Writing by hand? SO HARD. So when I discovered Memmee, I was super excited. Meant to be short and sweet, it's online. And you create your account and it saves your memmees. And they're private (unless you want to share them or send one to someone). And you can choose from a selection of cute backgrounds and fonts! It's such an awesome idea!
I'm hoping this will inspire me to write more. What do you do you do to inspire you to write?

Yes, it is ironic that I am writing about not liking to write. I guess I can, when I have to!

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