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Write Purpose, My Ladies, and My Blessing…

By Jenrene

I have found value in my writing lately. One of my last sessions with the women I lead in my writing group; was about  keeping a journal.There are several things I found out about my journal writing and why I do it:

It brings me clarity - it helps me to see myself and acknowledge my fears, so I can begin to work on them.

It helps me focus. Nothing better than knowing that my mind can settle because I now have it now on paper, and can return to that thought, and it won’t be caught out in oblivion.

For accountability  – Sometimes if there is no one to tell that dream to, it helps to be accountable to myself by writing it down.

I can yell in my journal and no one will hear me raise my voice
  – and I do, with LOTS of exclamation points for those things I have YET to comprehend.

It increases my self-awareness. (Oh yeah,. and my self confidence…)

It reduces stress. It keeps my blood pressure regulated. I believe once it saved my life. Kept me sane…

It’s a place to work through my struggles,
I am always focused on maturing my SOUL… it’s an ongoing battle and I need it in order to be self actualized.

It gives me peace of mind.  And an ability to listen intently to my thoughts. Love it! I am such a deep thinker!

It’s a vision illuminator My dreams grow and incubate and simmer… some more..

I can hear God speak, when I write. I believe God is ALWAYS speaking, we just aren’t quiet enough to hear Him.

It’s an idea incubator Man oh man, I have so many ideas, I could write about a book about ALL OF THEM!!

It’s a judgment-free zone No one can give me feedback and I can sit with myself and my own thoughts and keep them as private as I want, til they are born and put into practice…OR NOT.




Recently, I started a new writing group! It’s not exactly where I desire it to be, yet, but it’s coming along. I decided to start a writing group, because my experience was so positive, when I was in the Dallas, TX area and i was working on writing my Book, Red Sea Situations there is nothing like having full-fledged support when you feel alone. And writers often feel all alone. Even when they want to feel alone, so they can write, they still need SUPPORT!


When I first began Write Purpose, I wasn’t sure it would be anything people would like to attend, at all. Over the past four months, it has evolved to having at least a good time to come together and get to know other women who enjoy writing. We have also had a lot of fun!

wp brunch

Some of the highlights have been the GOOD FOOD! And also the special insight we find out about ourselves, when we begin to write! Heck, my sister hates writing, but found value in writing out her stress, and found it to be quite consoling. It actually even made her desire to return! Whether we are writing on a project, or learning how to become more introspective, we find ourselves in our writing, and it’s all good.
you are welcome to join us if you live in Tulsa!

RSVP for my Write Purpose Group if you’re  in the area!

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