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Would You Snoop on Your Man?

By Tempestra @tempestra1

So Jools Oliver has admitted to her insecurities about Jamie – apparently she reads his emails and texts, because she worries about him cheating on her.  Now media’s most recent irritant, Samantha Brick, has come out saying that she does the same, and admits it’s because she sees at as her right to do so.

Would you snoop on your man?
To me, this is plain ridiculous.  I would hate to think of my boyfriend going through my personal messages (even though I have nothing to hide), and likewise, it would never occur to me to rake through his affairs.  Why?  Because I trust him.  And if there’s no trust, then there’s no relationship, as far as I’m concerned.

Brick defends her actions by citing the case of Vernon Kay, who was famously exposed for exchanging sexy messages with five women, including a glamour model.  Yes, there will always be some men who think with their trousers (particularly those in the limelight, who lap up the attention!) – but I genuinely believe that if a man is playing up, he will get caught out eventually, whether it’s through his behaviours, body language or being careless.  If it’s not meant to be, then it’s not – but I trust in my instincts.  I certainly don’t need to be sneaking around my man’s things, checking his mobile, stalking his Twitter or sniffing his shirts to feel assured that he only has eyes for me.

Sorry Jools and Sam, but I do think you need to get a grip!

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