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Would You Like to Super-Size That?

Posted on the 21 August 2011 by Thebusinessgypsy @businessgypsy

Would you like to Super-Size That?

America is obsessed with excess. I drive down the road…I see excess.   I flip through a magazine…I see excess. I turn on the TV…excess.  I cannot escape it.  With so many people struggling day-to-day, I cannot see the reason to strive for the over-abundance of anything.  I am not just talking about material items, though.  From relationships to money, excess can have a negative impact on every aspect of your life.

Money…money…money!  The world is obsessed with money…especially right now in this horrible economic Recession.  Money is being lost, on Wall Street, on Main Street & by our government, left and right, and people are doing whatever it takes to make that money back.  It doesn’t matter if you screw over the other guy…you are going to do what is necessary to make that money back…legally or not.   The greed of money is a driving force in our economy and it is the main problem that leads to excess of everything else.  If you have the money, you can surround yourself with over-abundance and excess but with greed, comes selfishness and while the rich continue to become richer, everyone else in left behind in economic woes.

Do you really need extra cheese on your fries?  Do you have to buy 30 bags of potato chips because they come in bulk?  Do you really need that 5th slice of pizza?!  Would you like to Super-Size That!?  Gluttony, or an excess in food, is probably one of the biggest problems we have as Americans.  You cannot turn the corner without seeing another person shoving another cheeseburger down their throat…while sipping a Diet Soda…like that is supposed to offset anything. Eating an overabundance of food can cause some problems in your life that you probably haven’t even realized yet…like higher health care costs due to health issues brought on by obesity, the cost of having to buy clothing every month because you keep growing out of them, and the cost of losing your self-worth and motivation due to the way you look and feel.  Food cannot make you feel better and it is probably making things worse.

“I Love you Shmoopy!  No I love you!  No…I love you more!  No You More! ”  This type of over-affection for your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or mate would probably make you gag if you saw it first hand.  Overdoing any type of action or excessively exaggerating your emotions can make relationships with an individual quite awkward. You can be labeled an asshole, a diva, a drama queen and people will not want to work, be around, or associate with you.  So tone is down a bit.

“In recent news…Robert Pattinson gives Kristen Stewart $40,000 Love Locket…”  This is the only way I could sum up the gross excess of material items in our country.  Do we really need to give each other $40,000 lockets to express how we feel towards our loved ones?  Is there really a need for a 2010 Aston Martin DBS worth $100,000, just to be dented by a 1984 Honda Civic worth $2000?  Not really.  Status is everything in this country and if you have the best car, the nicest clothes and the biggest house on the block, you just bought yourself status.

Due to the overkill of everything in this country, we have become a country full of shallow, over bearing people who are unwilling to change their ways to better themselves & the world.  There are only 2 ways to break the cycle of excess.  The first is if someone finally reaches the limit of how much money we can make, which probably won’t happen, or the money system is completely wiped out and we start all over again…which is more likely than ever.

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