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Gluten Free Business Gypsy

By Thebusinessgypsy @businessgypsy

I am just going to say it. Being gluten-free kinda sucks...A LOT. After years and years of having debilitating migraines, horrible stomach pains, and dropping to 105 pounds at one point, I have finally figured out why I have been so sick. After much self diagnosis, due to the lack of health care for years, I finally cut gluten out of my diet and the difference has been life changing.... even though making the change was the hardest thing to do!! Here are five things people with gluten sensitivities have to deal with on a daily basis.

Cross Contamination

You think you have eaten gluten-free all day and then BAM! You are hit with migraine and can't even function. You go through your day, going over every piece of food you have eaten, trying to figure out what the hell you ate that had some sort of gluten in it. Living with someone who isn't gluten-free or eating out at restaurants that serve items with gluten in it, you always run the risk of cross contamination. My advice to you is clean your kitchen every day and try not to eat out.

Eating Out

If you have to eat out.... Good luck! Eating out is one of the hardest things to do when you are gluten-free. You have to ask the waiter for a gluten-free menu, and if they don't have it, you either have to pick through the menu for find something that you can have, or just have a salad with no croutons. So boring. When you do ask the server for a gluten-free menu, you always get a look or they need to search for it. Then you have the questions from other patrons, asking if you are sick or it's just a diet and what does it do to you and so on and so forth. It's such a pain but I guess it's better than wearing sunglasses at night sitting in dead silence, trying to make the migraine go away.

Shopping Gluten Free

Since being gluten-free has become more mainstream, it is easier to shop gluten-free. The grocery stores where I live has gluten-free tags all over the place, a gluten-free aisle and a gluten-free freezer. Stores are starting to cater to the gluten-free community, but it is still a tough trip to make. Every shopping trip tests your will power, as you eye the fresh cookies and baked goods. Your reading skills are also tested since you have to read every label on every item you pick up, making sure it is gluten-free. Plus, it is time-consuming. A regular shopping trip used to take 20 it's an hour. Wish there was a whole gluten-free store to make things easier. #wishfulthinking

Gluten Free Business Gypsy

Gluten Free Business Gypsy

Secret Gluten

The worst part about being gluten-free is the secret gluten in things you think wouldn't have gluten in it! I love the Knoll pasta mixes like the Basil Pesto, but alas I found out the other day it contains gluten. You can't have sauces, salad dressings or even A1, so all your meals, salads and steaks are kind of bland. The best way to avoid secret gluten is to read the labels carefully or make everything homemade.

The Temptation

Everything on your favorite restaurants menu and all the food you see on tv, has gluten in it. The delicious cupcake image you see on Facebook... gluten. Grandmoms homemade Mac and cheese.... gluten. It's so hard to resist the temptation. Some days I am like "F it all!!! Give me cake!!!" But then I remember nights of horrible migraines and stomach pains, so I resist. Being gluten-free is a serious test of your will power and temptation is always knocking at your door. Don't give in! Resist the temptation!

Do you have any tips or tricks on how to stay gluten-free in a world full of gluten? Share your thoughts below! XOXO Hugs & Love - Heather, Business Gypsy #GlutenFree #BusinessGypsy

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