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Worth the Hype

By Carrie Berschman @CarrieBerschman
Across blogs, YouTube videos, beauty stores, and magazines, we often tend to see the same products that everyone seems to have or want. But the real question we can't answer without purchasing the products and bringing them home is IF they are worth the hype. Well today, I am bringing you my personal opinions on a few "hyped up" products that I, myself own and will be letting you know if I think they are worth purchasing. 
Urban Decay Naked 1 & 2Worth the Hype

Do I recommend it? Yes.Why? I love these palettes. They are very versatile and great for traveling. That being said, I don't think you really need both, so pick one. They have their differences, but I think you could get away with just owning one or the other. I'm not going to go into too much detail with these because I have an entire blog post dedicated to these palettes. You can read it here. :)Clarisonic Worth the Hype
Do I recommend it? Yes.Why? To put it into terms, the Clarisonic is like an electric tooth brush for your face. The sonic vibrations give you a deeper clean than you ever could manually do with your hands or a wash cloth. It cleans deep into your skin, bringing all your toxins to the surface. I know many people claim that the Clarisonic breaks them out, but if you give it a chance to fully deep clean your skin for a few weeks, I think you will be amazed with the results. My skin is LOVING it. 

Beauty BlenderWorth the Hype
Do I recommend it? Maybe.

Why? While the Beauty Blender is a great new tool for applying makeup, I can't say that I would choose it exclusively over my Sigma foundation brush. If you like applying makeup with sponges, this is definitely something I would recommend. Don't purchase a knock off either, pay the $19 and get this brand. It is far better than the el cheapo ones from Ulta and Target. 

NARS Orgasm Blush
Worth the Hype

Do I recommend it? For the money, no.

Why? Don't get me wrong, I love NARS Orgasm and have repurchased it in the past. However, I think you can buy a lot more with your $34. If you love Orgasm, but don't want to foot the bill, check out NYX Pinched blush. It is a very close dupe, and runs for about $6 at Ulta!CHI Silk Infusion

Worth the Hype

Do I recommend it? Yes.Why? This might be the only hair product that I have ever owned that I've used and noticed a difference in my hair. And that says a lot. I used to be hair product junkie, but never found myself repurchasing any of the things I thought I HAD to have. It makes my hair so silky and strong feeling. I always apply it to damp hair and sometimes again when I am done styling. While this oil is a bit on the pricey side, this will last you wayyyyyyy longer than you think it will. I feel like I've had mine so long it might go bad on me. 

Do you own any "hyped up" products that are worth purchasing? I hope you all have had a great Monday! :)

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