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World’s Best Tenors Top Most-read Posts on Operatoonity in 2015!

By Galegirl

Each year, WordPress sends me an annual report for, and it’s always fascinating to view this blog’s outreach in summary, like this form provides. Thank you, everyone, who has stopped in on this blog. Here’s to a bigger, better in 2o16. Enjoy viewing the results you all helped create:

Wordpress analysis of is always an interesting report.

WordPress analysis of is always an interesting report.Operatoonity’s Annual Report 2015

This next piece of data was the most surprising stat in the report:

I was very surprised to learn that my post about male singers was more popular than female singers. Sea change?

My post about male singers was more popular than female singers. A sea change, for sure. Is Anna Nebtreko’s star power waning?

Is 2016 the year I update these lists? I created them because I couldn’t find the compendia I was seeking. As you can see,  these lists will be nearly five years old in 2016, and a lot can happen in the operasphere in five years. New singers have come into prominence and others are fading from view. With your input, I will pledge to update some of these lists in 2016:

Annual Report 2015_6

I am very grateful for those outlets who continue to refer readers to Here is a big mmmwwwwaaahhhh to you all!

Annual Report 2015_4

And of course it never gets old seeing how far reaches globally:

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