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By Marensmorsels @marentweets

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Okay, this post is gonna get embarrassing. Yesterday I spent all afternoon getting caught up on laundry and I realized I was in serious need of new workout clothes.


Both pieces I’ve had over 3 years. Remember this is only an example of my workout wardrobe and the damage is actually much more extensive than pictured above, and below.

Exhibit A is a sorry state.


Yep that’s been washed a million one too many times. And exhibit b is where things get embarrassing.


Yep, that sports bra is actually furry on the edges!

The Workout Clothes Budget

Confession: I really have a hard time paying more for clothes to be sweat in than I pay for actual clothes. $30+ dollars for a workout shirt is NEVER going to happen to this girl!

Now, there are some things I don’t skimp on. Shoes being one of them.


But tearing your plantar fascia and having ankle reconstructive surgery will do that to anyone. I don’t mess around with shoes. I will also pay for pants that actually fit, jeans and dress pants included. I’m tall and very disproportionate (my waist and legs are anywhere from 1-2 sizes different at all times) any pant that fits is getting bought!

When it comes to workout tank tops, tee’s and sports bras, and most shorts I’d rather spend my hard earned money on other exciting things like actual clothes, purses, magazines, food, cupcakes, trips to Ikea, etc… so my workout wardrobe is always a sorry sight.

I spent a day at the outlets a few months ago and revamped all my running shorts so my entire workout wardrobe isn’t a disaster.

Today I finally went to the local sports store with $100.00 in hand and said Just Do It! (pun intended)


I like MJ Soffe because their stuff is always 3 for $20 or 2 for $16 and their prices are usually cheaper before the deal. So I loaded up on some tee’s and tanks. They have some awesome colors right now too.




I also like this brand because usually my workout tanks and tee’s also get worn around on casual days with jeans and flip-flops or trackers. These tops aren’t cut funny like some workout tops are.


I found my favorite sports bra brand and they were 20% off too! Totally unplanned. I like the medium support Champion sports bras. They are the most comfortable, to me.

These patterns and colors are so fun too. I love all the workout colors, the neon makes me excited to get out on the pavement.


And finally socks, another thing I just don’t like buying.

The workout wardrobe woes.

Would I rather have spent that $75.00 on something else? Yes. But actually going and doing it was really fun and it’s made me excited about getting in my fitness. It’s always nice to have new workout clothes and I’m always really happy once I finally force myself to do it. I just should probably do it more often.



Chipotle Vegan Bowl.

  • rice
  • black beans
  • fajita veggies
  • mild salsa
  • hot salsa
  • guac
  • lettuce

480 calories.


Breakfast was…

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