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By Rubytuesday
Due to the unwelcome comments I received yesterday I forgot to write about workAnd how I am getting onI was in work yesterday for a few hours in the morning Setting up the house Ready to accept guests today I was in with another lady We set up the dining room And cleaned the communal areas and bathrooms All the last minute bits and bobs When I arrived Georgina was there And we had a little chatAgain She asked me if I felt it was too much And to go and speak to her if I felt things getting on top of me Which was very nice of her She also asked me about my piercing again And did I want to take it out I asked her if it was at all possible Could I leave it in And they I would take it out if there were any complaints Which I don't think there will be But you know Some people can be funnyI don't think she has noticed my hair thoughWhich has been freshly shaven by my sisterBut that can be hidden if needs be
So today is my first proper shift It's a short one From 4pm - 8pm My self and another lady called Ursula are onThey are only expecting about twenty people this weekSo it will be a nice introduction to workThen I am working Saturday, Sunday and Monday 8am - 4pmSo it's a bit of a baptism of fire But I am looking forward to itAnd can't wait to get my first pay check!I've already promised my Mam and sister they I will treat them to dinner And I also want to bring my Dad out tooHe got some very bad news about his health yesterday But I can't even think about itLet alone write about it Do I am going to allow myself to be denial for the moment Just so I can go to work and not fall apart He also specifically asked me not to tell anyone So I won't 
AnywayPlease say a little prayer for me today And thank you so much for your support recentlyAs ever It is much appreciated 

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