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And Then She Returned.....

By Rubytuesday
I'm back
In one piece
Just about
I guess it's nearly a year since I stopped writing
I thought it was over
I thought it had come to a natural end
It seems that's not the case
I never forgot you
Every single one of you
I missed writing
I missed you
I'm not sure what this blog is going to be now
I'm not entrenched in the illness the way I once was
I have a life now
I have a job
I have a car
I'm doing a course
I have a wonderful man in my life
Who deals with my crazy ass every damn day and still hasn't walked
So I guess it's a case of let's see where this goes
Seven years since I stArted writing this blog
And I'm not sure if I have any answers
But I'm still here
Despite everything
Despite getting in my own way at every opportunity
But hey, that's nothing new
If you are there please let me know
If you are reading let me know
I missed you......

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