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Word of the Week: Survival!

By Zen_sheila @BeZensational

Word of the Week:  SURVIVAL!

Okay so would you be prepared in the event of a disaster?  Whether it’s a natural disaster, terror related, an epidemic or pandemic, or whatever… are YOU ready?  Scientists also say sun flares will be very active next year and could wipe out our power grid.  Are you ready for that?  We’re even seeing government commercials ( now for how to prepare… do they know more than they are saying?  Regardless… better safe than dumbfounded.

Word of the Week:  Survival!
Think in terms of “no power”. For instance, recall the last time your power went out and remember all the things you couldn’t do.  You had no internet, no heat, no a/c, the refrigerator didn’t stay cold, you couldn’t cook food with the stove/oven, etc.  Now imagine this in terms of a widespread outage (your whole region, for instance).  Living in the Northeast, I recall the three day outage when the entire power grid went out in the middle of the summer a few years ago.  Sometimes big storms and weather events cause outages for weeks.

Would you be prepared for a wide spread outage?   What about increased solar flare activity next year… so powerful that one of these can wipe out our power grid for months.  Are you ready?  Remember gas stations won’t be selling gas, as it takes electricity to run the pumps… Stores will run out of food as they will not have refrigeration and trucks cannot deliver goods to stock shelves if there is no gas. *Keep in mind, even a generator will not work without gas.

Better to be saying “We can handle this” rather than “Shit! I’m totally not prepared.”  Some experts say we should stock up for such events with a 3 day supply, some say a month or two worth of goods.  But what should we stock up on?  Here’s a list:

Food.  Non-Perishable (boxed/canned/dry rice/dry beans/whole grains)
Stuff your family will actually eat.  Check the expiration dates when shopping and look for items with dates at least a year in the future.  *STORE IN A COOL/DRY PLACE

Dried Fruit
Nuts and peanut butter
Salt free crackers (you don’t want to be extra thirsty!)
Cereals and granola
Canned meat
Canned fruit/veggies
Dry or canned beans
Canned potatoes
Pet food (can’t forget your pet!)
Infant formula (and diapers!)
Canned milk

Water.  Figure one gallon per person per day.  More for kids, nursing moms, sick people, and more during hot weather.  Keep in mind you will need to flush your toilet if water is cut off.  *Water actually has a “use by” date, did you know that?  As you are stocking up on water make sure you are aware of this.

*Utilize water from your gutter system or swimming pool.  *NOTE:  if the water supply coming into your house is contaminated you MUST shut off the incoming supply to your hot water tank! *Never drink, wash with, brush your teeth with, or cook with water that is not clean!  See below to make your water safe.

Bleach.  If you need to clean your water add 8-16 drops (from a regular dropper) of bleach (regular bleach, not scented) to one gallon of water will get rid of contaminants in your water. ** 8 Drops for clear water, 16 drops for cloudy water  *Put the bleach in, mix well, wait 30 minutes before drinking.

First Aid kit with iodine, alcohol, peroxide, band-aids, anti-biotic cream, gauze, eye flush, cold meds, pain reliever, tweezers, soap, burn cream, gloves (sterile),  thermometer, tweezers, scissors, chapstick, antacids, and face masks for air filtering.  Also, factor in any prescription meds!

Batteries, flashlights, lots of candles, lots of matches!  (Store matches and batteries in a waterproof bag)  Tin foil to set candles on.

CAN OPENER!  A manual can opener is a necessity!

Hand crank tools such as a radio or weather radio.

Things to entertain kids
Writing utensils
Sleeping bags and blankets
Money (remember ATMs may not be working)
Warm weather clothes
Feminine products!
Hand sanitizers and wipes
Toilet paper and tissues
Duct tape
Dental Floss
Allergy meds
Important documents!
Permanent marker and paper
Health insurance information
Change of clothes
FLASHSTICK or lighters!
Kindling for starting fires
Pot/Pan for cooking
Cooking/Eating Utensils

Have A Plan.  Make sure you have a plan and everyone in your family knows it.  Everyone must understand where to meet up in case of an emergency.  Phones may not be working to check on loved ones or reassure them, so make a plan a head of time.  Where will you meet?  How will you get there?  Where can they go until you are able to come get them?  If your phone is out or their phone is out you need to establish who will go where.  Make a list for your family members with phone numbers, addresses, and important information they will need to get to where they are going.  You might not all be in the same place when disaster strikes.  Kids might be at college — do they know the plan? *Your plan needs options for if you are staying put in your home or being evacuated.

Tool kit!  Screwdrivers (both kinds!), hammer, nails, screws, plastic sheets, staple gun, allen wrenches, tools to change tires, can of fix a flat, tools to shut off your water or gas lines!, rope, shovels, compass, all-in-one tool, utility knife, wrench, pliers, axe, duct tape, a bucket and something to filter water.

Unless you have been evacuated you need to stay in your house and remember, if it’s cold or if there is some sort of air quality hazard – you only need one big room to keep warm or to seal off.  Don’t worry about heating your whole house!

If you have to leave your home you need to pack all these things!  So keep them handy and near each other so you are not rushing around your house like a chicken with it’s head cut off — looking for all the stuff on the list.  Have an area in your home where all these things are stored — your food, first aid kit, tool kit, etc.  That way when you are in a hurry you can quickly grab all the things you need.

If you are in an widespread area that is hit bad by a disaster, power outage or even an epidemic — you have to look out for yourself and your family.  Sounds crazy but humor me.  Hungry people are going to look for food when the stores have none.  People looking to get out of town are going to be looking for gas for their cars.  People get crazy in times of desperation!  If people are looting you need to make it look like your house has already been looted.  Seriously.  If things were to get really bad in your area you don’t want crazy people bursting in your house and harming you.  If you have a vehicle that still has gas in it, keep it in a closed garage (people needing gas will steal it from your vehicles!)  Do not go around telling people you are prepared for heaven’s sake!  If they are not prepared… guess where they will be headed!

While writing this I came across a site with even more in depth info:

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