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The Day We Found Our Spirit

By Zen_sheila @BeZensational

It has been twelve years since the tragic morning of 9-11-01.  We all remember that day, no matter what country we reside.  We all, no matter in what corner of the world we sat, know exactly what we were doing when we heard the news.  We can remember what we felt – as if it was only yesterday.  Yes, we will never forget.

Something else happened that day, something that we should never forget; something that we should take away from the tragic events, hold in our hearts forever, and make part of our daily lives.  For on this day, a day in which the world cried in unison, a miracle came to life.  The human race was able too see each other in spirit.  We came together as one – not just one country – we came together as one people.  We discarded prejudice and hate, we left behind our differences of race, class, religion, and color, and we found within ourselves something that had been dormant for many years.  We found love for our fellow man.  We found ourselves nodding to people on the street.  People we’ve never met.  We found ourselves courteous to fellow drivers on the road.  We found ourselves with an abundance of love – both flowing into us and flowing out.  We hugged each other and understood each others emotions without even having to use words to describe them.  We found compassion, we gave of ourselves, we gave of our time.  We became unselfish and patient.  Yes, we had all found our spirit.  We all let it out in one big beautiful embrace – worldwide.

As we remember this date in history – let us also remember that we have it in us to heal ourselves and each other.  We have it in us to become as we were intended to be: One.  We can do this.  We’ve done it before!   We were given a glimpse of what we are all supposed to be doing.  And it felt good.  It felt good in our core, our essence.  Our souls danced together as we found love in the thick of sorrow, and felt compassion over hate.  Somewhere along the line we forgot the feeling we all created during those weeks.  I find that so incredibly sad… but yet I know… we all have it in us… and it’s waiting.  Waiting to reemerge.

Today and every day – I wish you peace.  I wish you love.  My wish for you is to reflect upon your feelings during that time and rediscover your spirit.  Let it out.  Let it shine.  Let it Be.

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