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Word of the Week: Spirit

By Zen_sheila @BeZensational

Word of the Week:  Spirit

Word of the Week:  Spirit
What does time for yourself mean to you?  To me it’s all about nourishing the spirit, the soul.  Time devoted just for you is essential.  It allows us to relax, breathe, and explore our inner self.  At first you might not feel like you are doing anything at all; sometimes you might feel like you should be doing something else.  You might think about all the laundry you could be doing… or the dishes in the sink.  But those can wait!

Every single day you need to make time to just relax.  Once you get into the habit of allowing yourself some time just for you, you will understand the importance of it, you will find that you are able to calm yourself in stressful situations much easier, and you will make life a lot easier for yourself and those that depend on you.

Why is this?  It’s because by giving yourself time, you will end up learning about yourself.  By allowing yourself to think about or do something that you want to do, you are nurturing your own spirit.  You are finding what makes you happy; you are exploring your soul.

We often devote ourselves to our children, our spouses, our job, etc.   While these things are important, unfortunately we also — in the process — lose complete sight of our inner self.  When we have kids or as we get older, we forget the things that made us giggle as children; we forget the simple things that amazed us when we were little kids.  We opt for the clean house rather than a simple walk in the park; we opt to walk past someone in need because we’re in a rush to get somewhere.

Slow down.  Take time every single day to explore your spirit.

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