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Wonderful Woman's Hour ...

Posted on the 14 April 2014 by Tlb Music Blog @TLB_Blog
We can't say that we knew whom Woman's Hour were much before today, but their blend of supple and subtle tones with beautifully sensual and slow sounds has well and truly knocked us for ten and, whilst they're not going to be absolutely everyone's cup of tea, we think they're well worth sharing and on the road to stardom.
Wonderful Woman's Hour ...The easiest names to crop up out of the hat are HAIM, Chvrches, and Best Coast. Not only is this because they are female-fronted groups, but also because of the aura that they give off with their respective musics. Woman's Hour, we reckon have a similar backing music to that of HAIM, though, it has got to be said that theirs is much less rocky and overbearing ... so if you were after a more laid back version of HAIM, they're yours!
However, the vocal department doesn't really fit the HAIM girls, and that's were Bethany Consentino of Best Coast really comes in. Again, we'd have to say that it is a much more laid-back version of the ready-famous name, but it definitely comes into play here and we thoroughly enjoy it all.
Woman's Hour really do sit very nicely in the market with their softcore versions of names we know and love. Now, many will really shudder at the idea of letting someone so similar into the industry, but we're all for it, because sometimes you really need the gentler ones, just to make the others more dramatic when you're feeling particularly tempestuous!

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