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Posted on the 02 May 2014 by Tlb Music Blog @TLB_Blog
As soon as you hear the news that someone whom has been deceased for quite some time is about to release some new music, your heart begins to drop and the inevitable "they're just trying to make money from his/her name" argument crops into your mind. In the case of Michael Jackson's latest release, Love Never Felt So Good, the mastery and precision has been done so very well that even we don't believe that this was for the sake of money, but that it was really to prolong the legend that is his name.
MaJic ...Though originally a demo released in 1983, and then further released by Johnny Mathis as a proper single a year later, this posthumous lead single for the Xscape album that will be being released later this month really does show where Michael could have been in this day and age.
You'll notice very quickly that the backing has been dubbed on top of the ready prepared vocals, but that it all falls in to place absolutely sublimely. There's no denying that, with the funkiness of it all, this is the sort of hit we reckon Michael would have been going for now ... it's bang on trend, and he sings perfectly to it.
The singing, as always with MJ, is on absolute point. He quickly establishes that he is the king of pop, soul, and any other genre that he decided to venture into. His smoothness throughout really does bring back all of the memories that you can ever imagine of MJ and, with a very heavy heart, you'll most definitely begin to miss his legacy.
Only time will really tell if they're trying to make a quick buck off the back of his name, but given that this has taken them many years to get right and get ready, we believe and hope that Xscape will be the next, and possibly final, chapter in an absolute legend's life and death.

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