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Woke up from Deep Sleep

By Velsprim8 @velsprim8
It was quite stunning for a while in the morning!
woke up from bed.
Oh God!
I have missed everything which I dreamy about! Reality stunned me hard!
I am a lower middle class family man. The family being the only successful world to me, made all other failures as illusion.

Oh God!Thankful to you always!, since you gave me opportunity to realize where you are, how you are and nowI want to do it in reply to this world created by youThe best possible try, as of now!

I am stunned by the current crisis in front of me.
  • 10 hours of Power cut every day (The timing of Power cuts are amazing and the TNEB (Tamilnadu Electricity Board) staffs' are so sincere and perfect in such a way that you could know the exact time when power is off. The power off period in our area is Morning 9am to 12pm; 3pm to 6pm; 8pm to 9pm; 11pm to 12am; 2am to 3am & 5am to 6am)
  • Political games between the parties, between the governments (The Central government, in latest, agreed to supply 100MW in the day time from National Grid inspite of several requests from the State government; but in the contrast; Central government is proposing to supply power to PAKISTAN and BANGLADESH around 1000MW at an higher price. I'm unable to understand whether higher profit is important or the poor citizens of India)
  • Political spits between the parties of mis-governance (Lack of Plans / Projects before approving Foreign projects in to the State and left people in darkness)
  • Memory of people (Oh god! this is the main part behind this scenario of Darkness. We don't /never forget to collect freebies (a mere dole of corruption) but don't /never remember how they come and as what; by what!)
  • Who will win today? this movie or that?; he or who?; this team or that? this party or that? (There is any one or two or all of them would be there every day to entertain you)
  • Rate of gold; rise in petrol price; extended delay in supply of gas cylinder
  • Murder in some area; theft in some cities; accident in some states; natural calamities in some region (Oh god! our knowledge is so higher than never before)
  • Award to this person for Achievement, service, help to the suffered, army incursions, piece measures, race issues, corrupting officials, temples and Pujas. There is no way of escape for anybody by any mean. (Additionally I have to blog for thrice..!?)
If we list the problems / face aheads' of day to day life, a single blog would not be enough. This is tooooooooooooooooo much for such a small guy like me to lead life. There are lots of positives and negatives in the issues. I use this opportunity to treat the wounds-the negative side.
It is an art to turn your grievances in to a success but not others'..!
My dream is simple to say; love to live; should work hard for a long period (may need two generations) to bring alive!!!
An self disciplined honest, innocent human being (common for all the genders) would form an honest and innocent family. When every one is so disciplined, honest, innocent, all the families in the Universe would be so and the Universe would term to be a heaven.
Discipline: What does it mean?
                How does it differ?
Let us take a break for now!!!
Stay tuned for the updates
If you have ideas and comments don't hesitate to post
All for the surgical/logical/practical clearance of the topic are welcomed
Posted by: Vels/ http://velsprim8.blogspot.comPosted by Vels

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