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Blast (Volcano)

By Velsprim8 @velsprim8
It is a sad time friends that we are meeting now!!!
The sadness actually does not come physically but mentally is being brought by the activities of Students here in Tamil Nadu for the past 10 days.

This is my personal blog post and I believe that this particular post would severely target some persons, movement without fail. So I request you to avoid reading this post. I declare again this is my personal blog and my view over the current crisis over here in Tamil Nadu. I am open to discuss for the better understanding of the post alone and not the issue. This has already been posted in Facebook page. It is very sad that when lakhs of people were massacred no one reacted; all over Tamil Nadu was concentrating on Lok Sabha results and not the war crimes. In that time a party was in rule. But after one year and more they had realized now that as crime. Stupid Politics!!!. The agitation from students too came late and would never help a single child in Sri Lanka. What we can do is avoiding those crimes here in India.

It is sad and giving worries that students are being utilized for the political existence and future of some parties.
It is injustice to look in to the internal affairs of a secular nation in the name of race, religion and language. Just imagine, if we would allow any nation to dictate terms for our administrators. For Example, if US insists some advantages to some states of India and some cuts to other states of India, shall we allow????!!! We may be requested but not ordered. Change would never come all of a sudden in an overnight!!!!
And Finally it does not mean that I am against Tamil Activists or some parties!!. I am a common human being witnessing the issues that are in out of our control like the billions of people. In my mind, I thank GOD for given such a wonderful world which allows all the living being to live and lead a decent life. I pray GOD to give such devils who are killing women and children mercy-less, a sentence.
But the reality hurts me hard, it is all due to the fact those human were brought up so brutal.
Oh God!!!  

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