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3.46 Am to 5.12 Am

By Velsprim8 @velsprim8
Good morning Friends!!! At 05.33 Am, 31.12.2012 I hope you all don't expect this much earlier in the morning after a long gap of months!!! Let us move in to the chapter swiftly. At 3.46 am, suddenly woke up jumped down in an hurry from my upper berth, S3, 35 and ran to the door steps and watched till 04.04am. Pause!!! At 4.16am I was sitting and watching the things going reverse with a consolation - happiness for such a quicker rewind. I was more watchful and delightful with shyness!!! The same bridges, splitting rails, change overs, signal posts, giant petroleum  tanks, fly over halogen lighting, fences of individuals and so on!!! At 4.47am, I could identify the exact place where I saw first after woke up. Go top! Come after the first paragraph. It was my travel trip to watch Cricket match live in MACS, Chennai and in particular it is during my return travel. I boarded the train in Chennai -16201 at as early as 7.45pm on 30.12.2012- S3-35 Upper. I was aware that I would be reaching my destination (Tirupur) at an unlikely un-time of around 2 to 2.30am. Till Erode (It is the nearest earlier station) at 02.27am I was woke up and calculated it would take another 50 minutes to reach Tirupur and slept well. Oh God!!! I suddenly woke up and jump from the berth down and ran to the doors only could able to keep watched the things moving behind me in haste and disgust. Even I thought to jump from the running train to go back (But I could understand now,"was that a jump back from the mistake or jump out from the mistake". But on the other side I comprised myself, OK let us watch and try to do what we should do now; to return back". At 04.04am the train reached a station for my relief; it is Podanur.  Thanked God!!! I asked the official for the next train towards Tirupur and I was so happy to hear from him that it would be arriving shortly but only departure of this train (16201) from this platform. He hurried up to get the ticket quickly within 10 minutes. Yeah!! I got the ticket!. The train came at 04.16am and it is 16554 and I boarded and kept watching more sharply; delightfully and some sort of disgust too. It reached Tirupur station at 05.12am and I got a reminder to let the things happened as it was. But it is for sure that it won't happen again! and it was my last lesson for the year 2012. Oh yeah!!! from the new year all the new things would be good for us. Message I have got from the horrifying, painful and hard 86 minutes of 31.12.2012 is that Store the experience reserve for your bright full future. It is there for you. But you have to reach for it. Don't stay with your mistakes. Try to correct. You will be assisted with a loss of time depends upon your input. 

Wish you all a happy, warm , delicious and prosperous New Year 2012!!!!

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