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WOC Spectator Races Days 4,5 & 6

By Stodge @stodgeblog

WOC spectator races days 4,5 & 6After the first 3 days we moved on to the WOC terrain properly and were not disappointed. The forest became a little less challenging physically, but had the same technical difficulty making the orienteering some of the most challenging in the world.

Day 4 was the WOC classic long distance area. Several of the longest courses visited the viewpoint overlooking the Aix/Chambery Lake with spectacular views but I had to be content with a simply sublime Kaast forest. I ran cleanly, very happy with the way I was navigating after the difficulties of day 3. The last few controls were a bit of a cross country race to get us into the main WOC arena, but it was worth it to come down the same run in.

Day 5 for M21B was a bit of a disappointment. I enjoyed my course

WOC spectator races days 4,5 & 6
but felt a little short changed finishing in 30 minutes after a clean run. Our course avoided a technical bit of grot most of the other classes took in and we had a few path route choice options. On the plus side my injury seemed to be getting better enabling me to run significant bits of the course.

And so to Day 6, on the WOC middle distance terrain and one of the best orienteering areas I have ever run on. Complex contour and rock detail in a runable forest with good visibility. I made a huge mistake losing 10 minutes, but this time was revelling in the challenge rather than being frustrated at fighting with the terrain as on day 3. I nailed 2 or 3 particularly tough legs and finished into the WOC arena just as the organisers were getting geared up for the WOC relays in the afternoon. I ended up 7th overall (Stampy was 3rd) on

WOC spectator races days 4,5 & 6
M21B and, given my lack of running fitness, am quite happy with my performances. Hopefully 6 intense days of some of the hardest navigation I have ever done should set me up nicely for the run-up to the MTBO European Champs next month.

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