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By Obviousleigh @Obviousleigh
Being inspired is the thing that makes you get up - being motivated is what leads you to carry on. To be honest I would be lying if I said I had done a workout everyday & kept eating healthy, truth is that's not what happened this past week. I have been feeling really uninspired, & then I came across some amazing Instagram feeds and through this found different fitness bloggers to get my A game on. Doing my research I have started writing down a realistic workout for myself, what is achievable and something to kind of ease me back into the swings of things - If you would like to see my workout plan then please let me know people (I will get it ready for next weeks WLW) Below are some images from different Instagram feeds, everything will be linked so take a browse & get inspired. 
WLW | Inspiration & MotivationAbove is one of my favorite Instagram inspo's - A lady dedicated to HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training) in other words the workouts that are short but hurt like a B***h! There is plenty of images of her awesome body and workouts but she also posts Instagram videos of the workout's she creates which are fuller explained over on her website. These abs come from everyday 15 min HITT workouts and clean eating! Check her out on Instagram Hiitandhealthy & her website 
WLW | Inspiration & MotivationThe next Instagram feed which I have been raving about is Health_Porn. Something to water your mouth and yet everything is 100% clean & healthy. Although not every image gives you a run down on ingredients or the recipe - it certainly gets my mind wondering with some inspirations for up and coming meals. Making food fun again. Doesn't the watermelon look so tempting above! 
There is thousands of instagram feeds dedicated to health and fitness just check by searching #heath or #fitness and bam be hit by inspiration. I hope you enjoyed this WLW & I will see you next week. Leigh xoTWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | BLOGLOVIN

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