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WIth a Thankful Sigh of Relief

By Vickilane


WIth  a Thankful Sigh of Relief
It was a grand day from the starters to the desserts, including a rather special cake made by Josie, Grandma Nancy serving a sous chef.                                                                                             WIth  a Thankful Sigh of Relief

Alas, I didn't take any pictures of the feast. But it was delicious and memorable, with contributions from all.


WIth  a Thankful Sigh of Relief

 I've been getting ready since Monday. In fact, I was so beforehand that, aside from putting the turkey in the oven early in the morning, I didn't have much to do, foodwise, till around 11:30. 

 John and Justin, meanwhile, were in a whirlwind of vacuuming and moving furniture so we could have a big table in the middle of the living room.                                                      

WIth  a Thankful Sigh of Relief

                                   It was a lovely day and when it was over, John and Justin did dishes and returned the furniture to where it belonged.

Looking at the restored living room where 11 of us had so recently been gathered around a table covered with Thanksgiving fare and bottles of bubbly, John said that the day almost could have been a dream.

And so it was.

Now, in response to Gwen's request for the Huguenot Torte recipe, half of which was shown in my post about the pumpkin pie, here's the full thing. I have to say I've never made it, but it does sound good.   

Maybe in a month or so I'll be hungry again.                                                  


WIth  a Thankful Sigh of Relief
WIth  a Thankful Sigh of Relief


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