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Wis Dells 2012 -- The Better Days

By Alyssa_dld @alyssa_dld
Vacation got off to a bad start, but thankfully, the Farmer and I weren't too irritated.  Well he wasn't too irritated with me because he thinks I am a perfect example of Murphy's Law.  I can't say I disagree.
After getting lost on the way to the cheese factory, we finally arrived at Carr Valley Cheese and proceeded to purchase $30 worth of cheese and samples at least 5 different cheeses.
By the way, my fridge still has a ridiculous stock of cheese currently - 6 different varieties!
Then I saw this outside
Wis Dells 2012 -- The better days
and had to buy a can of pop.  I never see vending machines with cans of pop anymore.  Fanta Fanta don't you wanta.
Wisconsin has some very beautiful country-side and it was nice to cruise through.  I'm definitely a country girl at heart.  
One of the things I wanted to do while on vacation was some hiking.  Devil's Lake State Park and Mirror Lake State Park are both located close to the Dells and have hiking trails, but since it hurt to bend my foot forward, walking up inclines was difficult and hiking on uneven terrain was definitely a no-go.  Hiking is on my summer bucket list and I will get to it sometime before the dreaded cold settles in.
The Farmer had his eye on another activity - jet boat tour.  We headed off to the dock, but not before we got lost again (seriously someone is a sub-par copilot and that person is not me!).  
We had some time to kill before our boat ride and used it to get in 18 holes of mini golf.  I, with my professional golfing skills, kicked some butt, but the Farmer had the sole hole-in-one of the round.
Wis Dells 2012 -- The better daysWis Dells 2012 -- The better days
Wis Dells 2012 -- The better days
The Jet Boat Adventure was a blast.  It was a little chilly again (I pick the worst weekends to go on vacation, see last year), but we did have sunshine.
Wis Dells 2012 -- The better days
It was adventure boating with a side of history and random facts about the river and the Dells which is right up our alley.  Our captain did a lot of spins and stops to get all the passengers dripping wet.
Wis Dells 2012 -- The better days
We learned about the loggers that had to steer there hall through the narrow passageways of the Dells.  Saw the largest rock island.
Wis Dells 2012 -- The better days
Chimney work.
Wis Dells 2012 -- The better days
A face on a rock.
Wis Dells 2012 -- The better days
After drying off and changing clothes, we headed out for our next adventure, The Dark Knight Rises. We both enjoyed the movie, even if I did hide behind my hands during the scary parts (I'm pathetic I realize), but we are voting The Dark Knight the best of the trilogy.
Following the movie we enjoyed pizza and beer at Moose Jaw before satisfying my craving for a caramel apple while the Farmer enjoyed a small gelato.  He was very dissapointed with the size of his cone so I shared some apple with him.
We had absolutely no plans for Sunday and ended up using the free tickets that came with our room to go to Chula Vista Indoor/Outdoor Waterpark.  I really wasn't expecting much  but we had a lot of fun riding on the slides and laying on lawn chairs.
Wis Dells 2012 -- The better days
It was hard to say goodbye but I am glad we got to enjoy our weekend in the Dells together.
Even if our trip started off on a bad foot (pun intended), I enjoyed the weekend and didn't let any the issues get in the way of a great trip.

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