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William and Kate in Topless Photo Controversy.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


William & Kate have found themselves in the middle of a photo storm as intimate topless photos of Kate were published in a French magazine after they had enjoyed a break at the remote Chateau D’Autet owned by Viscount Linley in Provence, France. Now on tour in South East Asia, it is reported that the royal couple are furious at the intrusion by a rogue photographer.


Looking at their composite chart against the current transits, transiting Uranus is exactly conjunct their composite Mercury as well as conjunct to their composite Sun, showing a shocking and unexpected news report and its publication putting them in the spotlight. Transiting Pluto squares Mercury showing that this report is of an intimate nature. Pluto is also opposite their composite Moon bringing intense emotions into the air and transiting Mercury is exact to the degree square to their composite Neptune, so the news is about photos and images of course ruled by Neptune.

Transiting Saturn is now over the couple’s composite Pluto, so their mood is not going to be light-hearted and with transiting Uranus and Pluto opposite and square the couple’s composite Mars, you can see that their anger is at boiling point. Quite frankly, years after William’s mother Diana was hounded by the paparazzi to her death, I’m not in the least surprised…

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