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Why You Should Start Stealing Your Boyfriend’s Clothes

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx

michael bosstick

It’s about damn time I got a guy up on FLXX!!

Meet Michael, one of my closest friends, and my best friends adorable BF. Lauryn, Michael, and myself have been friends for a little over 13 years now… and surprisingly, we can all still stand each other. Just kiddingggg. I absolutely adore these two! They are the cutest couple, next level hilarious, and are both oddly obsessed with their teacup chihuahua- Pixy.

Everyone who knows the 3 of us, knows that I have a platonic crush on Michael. Obviously it’s all in good fun, he is just such a gem of a guy! He is incredibly nice (as long as he likes you

), a savvy businessman, he treats my bestie like a queen, and his style is always on point. Should I also mention he kind of looks like a young Christian Bale? Easy on the eyes, always a plus.

Every time I see him he is always rocking some cool new jeans, shoes, belt, jewelry, hat, car, watch, sunglasses, etc. The thing I personally like about his style is that he is always on his A game, without having to try. Michael may be taken, but you can always forward this onto the man in your life…. maybe he will learn a thing or two. 

michael bosstick

+ How old are you? Where do you live? What do you do? Tell us about yourself!

Michael Bosstick: I am 25, I live in San Diego, and I am Self Employed. I run multiple businesses and try to keep my investments diverse. I am constantly finding new ways to stimulate myself both mentally and physically. I love to travel and spend time with my girlfriend and friends. I love my family. I’m a big nerd. I read comics, play video games and am constantly reading all sorts of different books. I have also been known to party with the best of them.

+ How would you best describe your unique style?

MB: I don’t really know how to describe my style. I would say it is constantly changing with a few staple pieces. I like to keep them guessing. I think it’s completely boring to be able to describe exactly what someone’s style is. Change it up. 

+ What are some of your go-to pieces in your closet?

MB: Leather jacket, white shirt, boots or high top converse, and some black jeans.   

michael bosstick

+ What is the one thing every man should own?

MB: Confidence and integrity. Can’t get very far in life without those two traits. Sorry, that’s more than one thing.

+ Any men’s trends you are into these days?

MB: I am the worst person to ask about trends. I pay so little attention to what is going on with that kind of stuff. I’ve been wearing animal print lately. Is that a trend?

+ How about men’s trends that you are sick of?

MB: Like I said, I really don’t pay too much attention to trends. If it looks good and you feel good wearing it, than do your thing. Don’t be a hater- you will make yourself and those around you miserable and you’ll never find any success.

rock and roll mens fashion

+ What is the main inspiration behind your look?

MB: Hmmm… as I said earlier I like to change it up, if I see something that looks cool I will most likely buy it. I grew up listening to a lot of rock music. Maybe some inspiration there?

+ What are your favorite places to shop?

MB: Online! I have a huge problem, I get completely overwhelmed in stores, either I walk in and buy way too much or get flustered and walk right out. I like online shopping because I can take my time without being bothered.

+ Do you have any designers that you are a fan of?

MB: Two best men’s designers hands down: John Varvatos and Tom Ford. Those guys just know how to do it.

+ What is the most beloved item(s) in your closet?

MB: I have a leather jacket that I’ve been wearing for years that I love, my leopard shoes, my snakeskin belt, and my necklace of Lauryn and I’s dog Pixy’s nails (weird, I know).

lauryn evarts and michael bosstick

+ Tell us what you love about your hot GF’s style??

MB: I love everything about Lauryn’s style. She can wear anything and look good. It’s one of the many benefits of dating a 10. (<—<< too cute!!)       

+ Does it bug you when your girlfriend raids your closet??

MB: Well most of the time I don’t notice until she has taken something. I walk into my closet to put a shirt or something on and it’s gone. I then call her and she tells me she has no idea where it is. I go crazy for a few hours looking for it until she shows up wearing it. So…yea.

Now it’s Lauryn’s turn to talk about her fashionable man!!

lauryn evarts and michael bosstick

+ Alright Laur, tell us…. when & why did you start stealing Michael’s clothes?

Lauryn Evarts: I have always worn his clothes. LMFAO. Lately though, it’s become an addiction.

It’s funny to hear your BF say, “Hunny, where’s my plaid shirt?”

Michael’s style is flawless (in my eyes ; )) so it’s hard NOT to steal his clothes. Sometimes I just will have black pants on and I’ll style the rest of my outfit with his flannels & tees. I even steal his jewelry. It’s not chick jewelry, but whatever. I make it work in my own way.

+ How would you explain Michael’s style? 

LE: Michael’s style is constantly evolving but his staple pieces have always remained the same. Some of his staples are Converse shoes, leather jackets, combat boots, dark-washed jeans, & white tees. He always has the best vintage flannels & baseball hats too.

He switches it up with some thermal shirts, pops of camo print, maybe sometimes even…leopard! He dresses confidently & doesn’t over do it. It’s under-stately sexy.

michael bosstick

+ Tell us your favorite item(s) of his that you love the most?

LE: I love him in a baseball hat with jeans and a casual tee. But honestly? He looks sexiest when he’s lounging around in his Superman PJ bottoms.

+ Scale of 1-10, rate his style (this should be easy).   

LE: 10, duh.

Now if you had asked me to rate his multitasking skills? I’d give a 2. At best ; ).


( it’s almost sick how cute these 2 are


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