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It’s officially official, I am an old woman stuck in a 27 year olds body.

I’ll take a nice cup of tea over a cocktail any day. My Grandma’s oversized sweaters are the best things I own in my closet. Reading a good book/ baking/ organizing my closet are my ideas of a good time. Oh, and Friday nights? Yea, a noisy sweaty club is the absolute last place you’ll find me.

Honestly, I can pretty much guarantee you that Betty White parties more than I do.

Should I be worried? Cause I am 110% not. I like it. I like being productive, getting shit done, spending QT with my loved ones, going to bed at a semi-reasonable hour, not having the drunk munchies, not having to deal with annoying cab drivers, & not waking up with my make-up still on (the absolute worst).

Cheers to all my other old lady souls out there- I know you get me.

…now for some highlights from my lazy and fab weekend!

sunny floral arrangement
+ A sunny bouquet by my roommate, Casey :) +

pretty bedding
+ Dying over my new black and white striped sheets & my pretty lace trimmed pillowcases. +

beaded dreamcatcher
+ Bitzy’s teepee is now complete with her very own dreamcatcher. +

cereal and fresh fruit
+ Cereal & fresh berries, my all time fave treat. +

xx, e

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