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Why You Should Choose a Airtel Postpaid Connection

Posted on the 29 December 2017 by Shubham Ahuja @MeShubhamAhuja
When we go out to buy a mobile network connection, whether choose a postpaid or prepaid connection, seems to be the first enigma to concentrate on. And then comes how to squeeze out the most of the cost of the data plan and the mobile network connectivity. In a survey in 2011, it was seen that 97% of the Indian youth prefer using a prepaid connection. But, recent studies show that people of this country are leaning to subscribing to new postpaid plans.
Earlier, before the Smart Phone became a hit in the market, the usage of mobile phone was restricted to few functions, few text messages, and two or three outgoing calls. So, naturally, with a low mobile phone usage, the prepaid plan was a winner then. Besides, there was a notion people used to think while choosing a mobile plan: people who maintain a strict and tight budget should go with the prepaid plan, for it is free from the monthly rental.
But, nowadays, with the advent of the beneficial postpaid unlimited plan, people have started seeing things in a different way; the subscription rate to Airtel postpaid connection is a remarkable uprising now.

Advantages of Choosing Postpaid connection

1) Free and Unlimited Calling
 Airtel postpaid plans come with a range of pricing and facilities. But, whatever postpaid data plan you choose, it will definitely allow you to make unlimited local and STD calling. From Rs. 399 to Rs. 1199, subscribing to any of the postpaid plans, you can enjoy free local as well as STD incoming and outgoing; the pricing is much higher, proving you better service and returns.
2) Free Roaming Calls
 Postpaid plans prove themselves the best for the people who travel a lot within the country. For, subscribing to Airtel postpaid connection, one can enjoy free roaming calling, on both the incoming and outgoing. You can easily stay connected with your friends and family, from any corner of this country.
  3) Data Needs
 One can enjoy the similar amount of data in a postpaid plan, as much as he can get it from a prepaid plan. But, how much data you will get, solely depends on the postpaid plan of which amount you choose. Airtel Rs. 399 plan offers 10GB data with data rollover facility, while Rs. 499 postpaid plan comes with 30 GB data rollover.
4) No Worries Of Expensive Phone Calls
 Choosing a postpaid plan will make you free from the worries of expensive phone calls. Your call will be counting on minutes, so there is no need to depend on vouchers.
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5) Say 'No' to Low Balance
 Postpaid plans make its users free from the tension of having a low balance on their phone. The customers need to pay the postpaid contract per month; there is no need to get an access to recharge vouchers.
6) Great Deal
 Unlimited postpaid plans come with a range of benefits from unlimited calling, unlimited roaming calls, data rollover, along with the additional benefits like Wynk music, Handset Damage Protection, and Live TV and Movies. Therefore, postpaid plans have proved themselves to be value for money.

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