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Why Worry About Global Warming

Posted on the 30 November 2012 by T_mackinnon @tedmackinnon

There are many things which can’t be neglected in our lives. People always worry about basic and important things in life, but they do not realize that environment is also one of the important aspects which cannot be neglected. No human can survive in an atmosphere full of carbon dioxide. So this point can’t be taken for granted, we should worry about global warming because it is increasing in the earth’s atmosphere.

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Greenhouse effect increases due to increasing amount of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere. As the earth warms up, the snow level decreases. It leads to more warming and the amount of water vapor generated will go up. This is the most powerful greenhouse gas in existence.

The warmest year was 2005, according to a third assessment report, if no major steps are implemented then the temperature will rise periodically and it will be very difficult in controlling it. Scientists predict that even if we make efforts immediately, the climate would not be balanced as the gases released in atmosphere will stay there for many years. So chances become higher for irreversible changes in climate.

Some primary sources such as fossil fuels, agriculture and land clearing, and other activities increase the volume of greenhouse gases which are released in the atmosphere. There are a number of cars running on roads which gives major contribution increasing the rate of CO2 in the atmosphere. United States is responsible in releasing 25 percent of carbon dioxide in atmosphere every year.

Why Worry about Global Warming
Why Worry about Global Warming
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Trees absorb carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. But due to deforestation, the ratio of carbon dioxide has increased as it is not being recycled due to lack of trees to balance the atmosphere and nature. This effect will be seen all over the world where people will observe a drastic change in their environment. As the earth’s temperature is rising, it will melt the ice of the Arctic sea and Antarctica. This will result in a rise of sea level due to global warming. Small islands could experience sudden damage from the rise of global warming. It had become difficult to predict the melting of ice-sheets and glaciers since the record-keeping began.

Hence it is very important to consider global warming as one of the most important problems of the world and we should take precautionary steps to control global warming.

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