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Why Women Love To Shop

By Jackrobb

I love to shop. My sister and I love to shop. My mother and I LOVE to shop. My boyfriend and I…well, he’s not so much into the shopping thing. But why is that? What is it that makes women love to shop so much? What is the driving force between trying on endless pairs of shoes and shoving through racks of clearance items? According to some psychologists, it’s all prewritten in our genes. 

According to evolutionary psychologists men were the hunters so when they see something they want, say a deer or a pair of pants they grab it and get out before the kill gets away. Women on the other hand were the gatherers of our ancestral cultures. They were tasked with checking every berry on every bush to make sure they were bringing in the best and safest findings.

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When men hunted in the past they were traveling in small groups, quietly hunting their pray. Keeping quiet in order to stalk they’re animal prey was an important aspect of hunting. On the contrary, women were gathering alongside other women in the tribe. Women would comment on findings, socialize, etc. Socializing is much easier when you’re in a gathering situation and women today shop as a means to bond and spend time with friends and loved ones.

But socializing isn’t the only reason women shop. Sometimes a bad day just calls for some good retail therapy. Seeking out something you may not have needed, but carefully selected it out of a sea of other things. As you compared your token purchase again and again to other items to determine which you would be walking away with you were actually practicing reasoning skills. Without even realizing it you set out with a goal and came through with a new prize. Small feelings of accomplishment, even on the retail front, can make anyone feel better about them.

So, the next time you feel the need to gather some new finds and you’re unsure about whether or not you should cave into the “gimmie gimmie’s” let your animal side shine! Remember when you’re heading out and about searching for those perfectly divine retro clothes and vintage dresses, your ancestors did this too! So ease up on the guilt and think of your ancient ancestors and girl, get your shop on.

What are you waiting for? Grab your best friends and hit the mall! Your closet will thank you!

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