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Why We Started a Blog

By Saltykisses @svprili
Carl was on Windtraveler's blog this morning reading about their blogging tips, he recommended that I read it as well. It was quite interesting and I picked up a few tips. During “quiet time” today, when we can actually have a conversation without being interrupted every 5 seconds he asked “why did you start a blog? To make money?” He has always thought that I should hire a professional to design our page and start approaching companies for sponsorship but I’m not really into that, I know how hard it must be to make money with a blog and especially with one that you start off with that intention. I am only a high school graduate and scraped through English class with an average C. I don’t think I can make money with my writing but I do enjoy it. I always believe that if you enjoy something enough you learn and improve your skills. I also like to paint, but you are better off checking out my kids artwork than mine! To sit during quiet time and put our stories down on paper/ computer is rather relaxing to me and I do like the challenge of learning at little bit of HTML at the same time, even though I find it extremely frustrating. I also enjoy taking photos, so why not start a blog. When we first decided to sell everything and buy a boat I searched high and low for other families that were doing the same thing, this is where I learnt what an actual blog was. But I was rather disappointed, I found a few good ones (listed on the side bar) but the rest were either rarely updated or were all text and no pictures. I thought if we were to follow through with our plans that I would like to start a blog that other families could follow and know that living on a boat with your family really isn’t as scary or daunting as it seems. Life has become fun and exciting and I would like to share it with the world. On the other hand it is also interesting to see who actually reads my blog. I remember about a year ago I ran to Carl all excited one evening screaming “someone from Russia read my blog!! RUSSIA! Can you believe that!?” Now I have a list of 10 countries on my audience list and as I right this we sit at 19,999 page views since I started. But this is far from a popular blog and that’s ok. Our blog is also a good means of getting pictures, stories and videos to our friends and family instead of writing bulk emails. Here they can scroll through our posts and check our position whenever they please. I still try and send out personal emails here and there but having free time with 2 kids is a challenge. So go ahead and read my blog and enjoy, just think every time you read a new post you’re helping my sanity. Thank you.
Here’ s a fun video of what the end of a good day looks like. Love you Wags!

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