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Why the US Opposes Russia in Syria

Posted on the 27 October 2015 by Calvinthedog

Now that Russia is involved in Syria, the idiotic psychos who run US foreign policy have decided to turn this into another US-Russia proxy war just like Afghanistan, where we supported psycho jihadi Al Qaeda types against another secular but brutal regime.

The man behind that great idea was Mr. Brezhinski, who is now nearly calling for the US to attack Russia. Brezhinski has been a Russia hater his whole life. His family are Polish nobility who supported fascists, and the Polish nobility and fascists hate nothing so much as Russians.

When the USSR fell, nothing changed in Brezhinski’s mind as his beef was always with Russia itself, not with the USSR. Most of the US Cold Warriors followed suit and began very provocative activities against Russia including extending NATO towards Russia. As long as Yeltsin and the other US satraps were in power, we were quite happy. The US spent the entire 90’s allying with the Russian Mafia and bankers in New York, Berlin and Tel Aviv in stripping bare almost everything in Russia that could be sold. Many Russian Jews made alliances with Jews in Tel Aviv, London and New York to help strip the country bare.

For the Jews, this was apparently paybacks, as Jews have been Russia-haters for a very long time now. For the bankers, it was just the usual thievery. With the election of Putin, Russia declared independence from the US and ended its status as a US colony. The fact that Russia decolonized itself from the US and refuses to obey us any longer is the reason that the Deep State has been conjuring up all of this anti-Putin propaganda.

These Deep State scumbags are militarists, and like all militarists, they always need an enemy. If they don’t have one, they go out and make one up, or they create enemies by provoking various entities. Americans are so stupid that they blindly go along with whoever the government and media says is the enemy du jour.

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