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Why Russia’s Media Is Freer Than the Media of Any Western Country

Posted on the 03 May 2015 by Calvinthedog

Show me one, one, one, one major Western news outlet that is performing the role of opposition or dissident to the West’s anti-Russian foreign policy.

There isn’t one!

Considering that apparently there is no large dissident or opposition press in the entire West, why does anyone on Earth that there is freedom of the press in Western capitalist countries. Obviously, there isn’t any.

I would like to point out that the Russian media is far freer than the US media or probably any Western media. That is because the dissident/opposition media actually exists in Russia, whereas here there is no such thing. There are several virulent pro-Western, anti-Putin newspapers and magazines on sale all over Moscow every single day. Many of them are printed in English, but I do not think they all are. Many of them are printed in the West, often in Finland and the Netherlands.

My understanding is that there are still opposition news channels on TV. I have been to the websites of some Russian TV stations and I was stunned because they were so pro-West and anti-Putin you would think they were run by the CIA. There are also quite a few smaller opposition papers in Russia, as in daily newspapers. Many are virulently opposed to Russian foreign policy and they have done some great investigative reporting. Can you show me one single significant daily newspaper anywhere in the US which takes a stand opposing US foreign policy.

The Internet is flooded with anti-Russian sites. The Russian opposition is small, but many of the dissidents, often Jewish, are extremely rich and they have set up vast propaganda networks in Russia and English that are virulent pro-Western propaganda organs. The Jewish criminal Khodorovsky runs one of them. Many of these anti-Russian websites are in English, but I believe they can be accessed in Russia also.

A number of them seem to be run by the CIA in some way or other. Bottom line is the web is flooded with high-traffic websites run by the Russian opposition that is viciously anti-Putin and filled with the most outrageous lies. Is the Internet in the US full of high-traffic websites run by Americans, expats or otherwise, that are virulently opposed to the US and strongly support the enemies of the American government? I can’t even think of one. Can you?

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